The Big City Neighborhood Where Beauty & Skincare Trends Are Born

Disclaimer: Sorry for the rant, but your skin is so important and you should be making it a priority before you buy another pair of $250 jeans or round of cocktails. Let me say it again, YOUR SKIN IS SO IMPORTANT. The first impression you give to someone is based on pure looks - your face, your body. Sorry/Not Sorry. That being said, here are some tips that you NEED to know.

#KoreaTownNYC (Or What To Do Before Botox)

Not sure if you're in the loop about skincare and beauty trends, but Korean products are huge right now. The best part? You can get an outstanding cleanser, anti-acne (or anti-aging) serum, something to soften your dried out winter feet or even smooth out your hair for a pretty sharp price. So, we're talking affordable, effective, and (in many cases) exotic enough that you can surprise your friends by casually dropping into conversation how much you love this new product they've most likely never ever heard of. (Or better yet, next time one of your friends tells you how nice your skin's been looking lately, you can say something about the $3 sheet masks you've added into your rotation.)

Now, for future reference, next time you're anywhere near NYC, get the true K-Beauty experience by visiting Korea Town, specifically West 32nd Street, off 6th Ave. There you'll find at least a half dozen shops (including The Face Place*, Tony Moly, and The Mask Bar) with low cost sheet masks, lines to de-grease and plump wrinkles, booties to wear to soften your feet and remove the dreaded dead skin, and more. (If you've tried to order the Baby Foot Peel from Amazon and found it was on back order, have no fear. We saw at least a half dozen diff. versions at these shops.)

I promise you will thank me later. (*And I personally walked out of The Face Place with so many goodies, including a foot peel, for only about $30.)

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Christmas Time In NYC, Gossip Girl Style

Sometimes, last minute trips are literally the best ones. There's no time to have an anxiety attack over the details. Just throw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase (Mostly black tights, skirts, sweaters, and boots because hey, it's New York and all the natives are rocking darker palettes 24/7.) and go. Yea, I had the chance to motor to NYC and stay at The Palace, which all my fellow fans of Serena, Chuck, Lily, Blair, and Nate know is really 'the Gossip Girl hotel'

A few snaps of the Christmas tree in that famous courtyard are a must, whether you're staying at the hotel or not! While I was creeping around the building late last night, trying to get pics of my own (before we dropped into the bar with the doggie paw print napkins - aka, Trouble's Trust - for another round), I spied at least two couples trying to get snaps of the tree (big bragging rights) and the rest of the surrounding real estate. 

Of course, this wouldn't be a post without a coffee mention. And the Gossip Girl tie-in is (hands down) Sant Ambroeus on Madison, a hop, skip, and jump down the street from The Palace, for coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, or breakfast/brunch. 

Kelly Rutherford, aka, Lily Vanderwoodsen, is a regular. You might catch a glimpse of her or Lenny (Kravitz) or another equally SUPER famous celeb while there.

For even more Gossip Girl-related spots in the city, take the O-fficial GG Tour, which covers a lot of ground showcased in the series, including the place where everyone (except Serena) took the SAT's, the steps at the NY Public Library where Blair used to hold court, and so MUCH more.

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Some Christmas Magic & A Coffee Run In South County

There's something about a beautifully decorated space, especially this time of year, that makes just about everyone forget their troubles and get happy. (Yes, I've been listening to some Judy over on Spotify lately.) Exactly why I couldn't wait to share these photos from The Farmer's Daughter in South Kingstown. I mean, the attention to detail and talent it took to put all of this (*Gestures wildly with both hands*) together. Awe inspiring stuff.  

Another key thing is that none of THIS is visible from the road as you're driving on your merry way. It's all tucked away, behind the tiny cabin that greets everyone exiting their cars in the parking area.

So, go and check out that cabin as well as the greenhouses and sheds behind it because the interiors are all decked out in some of the best RI rustic, Xmas finery ever. Spoiler Alert: You'll be wow'ed and (you'll) want to pick up a bunch of ornaments, poinsettias, and other goodies to take with. 

But wait. You'll also probably be wanting an outstanding cuppa coffee, and maybe a muffin too, to top off your visit to such a magical place, right? Well, you're in luck because only a few minutes down the road is TLC Coffee Roasters, which is so much more than just the Ahh-MAZING  sign below. (Mad props to someone I shall call 'the mayor of Garden City' for clueing me in on this place btw. In other words, I was guilty of thinking it was all about the sign.)

Their java is primo and I can vouch for their baked goods in a big way. Think Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin. (Unless you have to take a pee test or something, like Elaine did in episode 16 of season 7 of Seinfeld. In that case, you're screwed.) 

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