It's Fry Day: The French Fries You Need For Your Next Treat Day

I could live on pizza and French fries, but you haven't lived until you've polished off an order or two of Friskie Fries. Ever since Nic and I (finally) motored over to their new brick and mortar on Hartford Ave the other day, I've been recommending them to absolutely everybody within earshot, from contributors to the blog to my brother who loves a great fry (and coffee cabinet and cheesesteak and NY System hot weiner) to the CNA's who take care of one of my favorite people on the planet. 

So, we'd seen their food truck around (Can't miss that signature bright blue and orange!), but didn't get around to trying any until this past Monday. (I know, I know...) Meanwhile, a girl who's always about 5-10 steps ahead of the crowd was telling me last night that while everyone else was flocking to ____________ after a Thurs, Fri or Sat night out and about in PVD, she and her friends would make a beeline over to Friskie Fries. And now I totally see why.

Friskie bills themselves as the crunchiest and at first, I was all, "K, I'll be the judge of that." After some rigorous testing (or stuffing my face with the plain ones with sea salt and another with parmesan and olive oil*), I concur. For the record, they are also grease free, scrumptious and utterly addictive (in the best possible w-a-y). 

*If you like your chicken and beef, they also have BBQ, Chilli Cheese and a bunch of options that I hear are all pretty outstanding too.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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Posh Life: Inside The App For Cleaning Out Or Adding On To Your Closet

Online shopping. Everyone's doing it. But have you ever tried online selling? Now, I know lots of you are on eBay, but after hearing a few stories from friends who almost shipped things out to people who then tried to reneg on actually paying (big ticket items like mint condition Jimmy Choos too), I decided to give Poshmark a try instead.

Mostly because, for one, I've been shopping seriously for almost two decades (a portion of those yrs spent at a department store that highly encouraged employees to buy on repeat), I still have multiple closets filled with coats, shoes, sweaters, costume jewels, and more. (Keep in mind, this is after giving tons away.) Also, a few friends I really trust have used and raved about it.

After being a Posher (Yup, that's how they refer to their users.) for a few months now, I can honestly say it's a marvelous way to clear out anything you've been holding on to (or hoarding) in exchange for some extra cash to bankroll that $4 cuppa coffee habit (It adds up!) or the lash extension obsession (not me, a bunch of ladies I know). After the PM people take out a small-ish fee, you can request a check for the remaining amount (They arrive in a week or less in my experience.) or keep it in your account and shop up a storm on the app. Before you get started though, these are a few points you should know:

  1. The Camera S*cks. Or is it the filters? I've struggled with both, tried unsuccessfully to use other camera apps and move the photos over and their filters tend to distort colors. Which you don't want since it could cause a buyer to return your item after it turned out to be a completely diff shade of red in person. (In other words, avoid 'em.)
  2. Presentation Is Key. Borrow or buy yourself some kind of mannequin or dress form. A solid, light neutral background doesn't hurt either. In other words, the more effort you put in, and the prettier and more professionally merchandised your items look, the more likely other Poshers are to buy. 
  3. That's What Friends Are For. It helps if you know at least one person who's already established on the site. As a beginner, if someone with a 3, 5 or 10K followers shares a few of your listings, you'll not only start picking up followers, but also (most likely) get your very first sale. Which is what can really get you hooked!
  4. It's Not Personal, It's Biz. Still struggling with this one, but it's a regular occurrence, so... You've gone and listed that chi chi jacket that you paid beaucoup dollars for, that's also sooo the wrong color and length for you. At a totally fair and reasonable price. Then you get a notification that someone has bid $25. (Uh, Are you flipping kidding me?!?) Yes, other Poshers can bid. No, you don't have to accept these bids. Ignore them the same way you would the ex who likes to text after one too many Tito's.

Lots of Luck & Happy Posh-ing!

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Make Me Pancakes: Three Places For The Most Delish Ones

It started out on a hopeful note. I felt like pancakes, didn't have much time, and so, the hubs suggested this place he'd driven by a bunch of times, not far from where we live. Strike one was the coffee cup with lipstick on it (someone else's, not mine) and the pancakes? Rubbery and tasteless. Yeah, finding great pancakes isn't easy, but it's entirely possible - if you know where to go. So, here then are my non-scientific, completely subjective picks for three of the best ones around (aka, I think they're blog worthy).

1. Simone's in Warren

If pancakes make everyone happy, then the souffle ones at Simone's are guaranteed to turn any frown (hangover induced or not) upside down. Fresh, tasty, and light, the kind I'd aspire to make at home if cooking was my thing*. Well worth the drive from PVD and the surrounding 'burbs, for pancakes and just about anything else on their menu. Also, it always seems to be bustling when we go, yet we never wait an insane amount of time for seats, another not-so-small detail I appreciate tremendously.

*Watching cooking shows relaxes me, it's my version of meditation. Ommmmm hungry ;)

2. The Salted Slate on Wayland Square

The Salted Slate gets my vote for most underrated destination for brunch and pancakes (although I'm starting to have anxiety about NOT being able to get a table going forward because last time, it was jamming). To the pancake purist, lemon ricotta might sound like they're trying too hard, but that's so NOT the case - they are incredibly delicious. With no midday, after meal remorse whatsoever. The bad news? They're only available on Sunday. You can make a reservation in advance tho, which is def not the norm at most other places.

3. The Duck & Bunny on Wickenden

Not going to even try to sugar coat here - truth is, you'll probably have to wait at least a half hour on a Sat or Sun if you're in search of pancakes at The Duck & Bunny. But they are wait worthy. I've had their signature Snuggery Cakes, which you can get stuffed with things like blueberries (Had those last year for Natl. Pancake Day.), choc chips, peanut butter or bacon. Being a traditionalist at heart (Case in point, navy is my summer black and I own a dozen different style strands of pearls.), last weekend I got them plain with a side of maple syrup. Just as greattt! 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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