Everything You'll Wish You Knew Before Flying During Flu Season


If you're not already a certified germaphobe, the flu season we've been trudging thru is enough to convert you. Then there's travel. Recently I boarded a flight and within 24 hours of deplaning, I was all sorts of sick. Severe sore throat. Major headache. Fever. Body aches. The shebang!

Anywho, there wasn't much I could do at that point except rest, drink lots of water and tea, pop the occassional Tylenol (those damn body aches!), and eat as much fresh pineapple as I could get my hands on (I swear it helped my sore throat, and thank goodness for InstaCart door to door delivery!) All better now, but these are some of the key things I wish I'd done to stay healthy in the first place, including one important lesson from a Bravo tv Real Housewife. 

1. Nose In The Air. To protect yourself from what lurks in that recycled air on the plane, it's a good idea to grab a tube of Neosporin before your flight, and using a Q-tip, lightly coat the inside of each nostril. This should help you avoid anything airborne that might ultimately put the kibosh on future plans, after your arrival, which I'm guessing don't include days upon days of watery eyes, coughing, discomfort, and poor-me-crying-jags whilst you attempt to find something new to watch on Netflix. 

2. The 'New' Masking. Sure, thanks to YouTube beauty vloggers and Insta Famous skincare gurus, unwrapping a sheet mask and taking a selfie while wearing is pretty standard stuff. The new masking, however - that I spied first hand on my flight (at least a dozen or more ppl had them on) - is sporting a surgical one. On the plane. My nurse friends assure me it's not 100% but after my recent experience, I'm seriously thinking of jumping on this bandwagon for my next trip. 

3. Spice Up Your Life.* Learned this from someone on Instagram actually, after I was already under the weather, but will definitely give it a whirl first chance I get. Her doctor had apparently advised that after arriving at her destination, she should eat a super spicy meal. I guess as a way of flushing out anything in the sinuses. (My nose always runs whenever I have any hot and spicy food, how bout you?) Way more fun than using a Neti Pot, that's all I'm saying.

4. Take A Page Out Of The Real Housewives Handbook. More specifically, Lisa Rinna's. And no, I'm not talking about lip augmentation (although for the record, I'm all for it as long as it doesn't look ridiculous). One thing Lisa does when she travels - and boy, is she logging some serious frequent flyer miles this season on RHOBH - is clean every surface in her hotel room with antibacterial wipes immediately. The tv remote. The phones. The light switches. Everything. You do remember that story on one of the news shows a few years back where the investigative reporter went thru a hotel room with a black light and what he found was beyond disgusting. Can I get a collective EWWWWW?

*If you think that's also a reference to the rumored Spice Girls' reunion and tour, you'd be right. Of course, I read the tabs. 

The Best Local Spots For When You're Craving A Smoothie, Juice Or Acai Bowl

If you live for fresh juice, smoothies or acai bowls, but hate the cleanup afterwards...Washing out the blender (or Vitamix) is the absolute worst, am I right? So, going out it is. Not gonna lie though, it can be a real challenge finding authentic ones made with super fresh (hopefully local-ish and organic too) ingredients. I mean I've had my share of watered down juices and faux healthy smoothies that taste like candy. Or mass market fruit juice, loaded down with cane sugar or the dreaded high fructose corn syrup. Exactly why I'm sharing this list of fav cafes and juice bars around the OS. 

  1. Benefit Juice Bar in PVD has this unpretentious and hospitable vibe, with a dash of kitsch, that never gets old. It's the perfect under the radar healthy eating spot next time you're in the vicinity of Downtown or the East Side. Grab a juice, brekkie or lunch, and next thing you know, you'll be taking your friends there.  
  2. Raw Bob's in EGAlmost everyone thinks you have to go to PVD exclusively to get healthy drinks and eats. Nope. RB has one of the more extensive menus of juices and smoothies in the state. And if you walk in and don't know what to order, they'll guide you thru your options or mix up something custom. In addition, they offer wheatgrass shots, healthy snacks, and soups to takeout. It's also the only place where you can grab a lemonade (in season) made with activated charcoal, all the rage in LA and NYC these days.
  3. High Tide Juice Co: Bookmark this place for next time you're anywhere near Westerly. Co-owned by two area natives, and avid surfers, HT's has so many menu options - juices, smoothies, bowls, salads, coffee, and sandwiches - that will make you and your fellow plant-based eating pals jump for joy. In a sunny space with some Rhody rustic touches. What's better than that?
  4. Shayna's in Wickford: It's not just for summer - I Love Wickford all year! And Shayna's only gives me another reason to go. In addition to truly delicious juices (I usually gravitate toward the Dr. Sig.) mixed up while you wait, you get an adorable, and bright white, cheery interior with a blend of good music and lots of local clientele. All of which lends itself to some sweet Instagram photo ops if you're so inclined. Their avo toast, acai bowls, and sandwiches are ahh-mazing as well.
  5. Wildflour Vegan Bakery & Cafe in Pawtucket  They're expanding (into the recently vacated space next door) and that's a vg thing! They keep getting busier and busier. That's fantastic and all, but I still want to be able to get a seat. I'm a fan of their made to order juice concoctions, smoothies, and wellness shots (A few summers ago, I was popping in for those every other day.). Their vegan pastry is also life changing. So scrumptious it'll fool even those friends or frenemies who swear they simply can't live without butter or cow's milk.





What You Need To Know When You're Pushing 30


Birthday’s in my twenties: party buses, hotel rooms, bars, clubs, a surprise party, girls trip to Puerto Rico, and the list goes on.

This year was much different - very “adult like”. My 29th birthday consisted of going to lunch, and visiting my Grandma.

I love her, she’s great, and she lives the life in Florida but likeee…WOW, reality check. Am I that old and boring?

As my OCD started to kick in 15 minutes into the first day of sunbathing, I started to think. I am in the late, V LATE twenties. Well, then I thought, shit, that is scary. Then my mind wandered further, and I was like, oh shit again! I am turning 30 next year… HOLY SHIT, I COULD BE PREGNANT NEXT YEAR. #ScaryAF

Aging, wrinkles, gravity, sunburns. When did I have to worry about this?

Can someone please tell me where all this time went?

Words of advice I have learned from:

1) Always wear sunglasses to avoid squinting. Wrinkles, and/or crow’s feet are not cute.

2) This is silly that I even have to add this in here, but people seem to forget: A sunburn is NOT cool. SPF should be your bestie, and don’t forget to reapply every hour, especially on your face. Also, NO SAGGY KNEES!! (Thanks Morgan Stewart.)

3) Gravity starts to pull everything. The bathing suit you wore 10 years ago may not be as flattering as it was.

4) When it comes to clothes, it’s quality over quantity. No more buying your entire wardrobe at H&M and Forever 21. Spend the money on one good quality pair of jeans to make that booty look good. Favorite Brand: Citizens of Humanity. Looking for a bargain? Macy’s flagship store in NYC during Friends and Family – 20% off!

5) Less is more when it’s comes to makeup. Take it easy on the war paint. It’s a turn off.

An Anonymous Almost 30-Something