Be Our Guest Blogger: Love Sweater Weather & Hate Those Who Try Too Hard

Today is the 2nd post in a series from our mysterious guest blogger, living and working in NYC. Find out what it's really like to be single, smart, funny and pretty in the city in 2014. No Cosmos or Manolos here whatsoever folks. #Wink

I'm really obsessed with sweaters right now, is that weird?

Fall shopping is the best and the worst. Am I the only one who gets pretttttyy excited by the time November rolls around and I don't have to show my  legs anymore? Because I'm having that slice of pizza after labor day. And it's not going to be gluten free. Like, I'm sorry but layering is so much more fun than crop tops and high waisted shorts. I'm over that. Well, at least until April when it hits 60 degrees and I'm practically jumping for joy to show off a job well done at the gym about 10 degrees too soon.

Anyway, SWEATERS are where it's at for me. I must have at least 10 online shopping carts full of cable knits, pull-overs, cardigans, and the holy grail of sweaterdom - CHUNKY SWEATERS. Love it. They make it so much easier to get dressed in the morning. Tank, cardigan, leggings, and sick boots. It's basically a uniform. Feel like wearing a light top? Cool - Rock a nice jacket to dress it up and look good walking to work with your sunglasses and bag of the moment. So fun!

This all seems well and good, however, until you realize it's Thursday and the chances of happy hour at the new hot spot downtown are about 100% at this point in the week. What are you supposed to wear? You have to look cute enough to be seen in the scene/draw the attention of the wall streeters who are your future ex-husbands, but also corporate-y enough to be ok in the office. Like, your middle aged boss can't KNOW just by looking at you (that) you've already had one too many vodka sodas. The happy medium is SO hard to find. Hence, all my online shopping carts being full, and not the mail room in my building. It's hard. The struggle is real. But you know that. I'm sure. Suggestions?

Also, I rarely wear makeup to the office. *Gasp* I know, beauty is pain. Blahblahblah. But so is waking up 30 minutes earlier when you worked late the night before. My advice: Take 15 minutes before you leave for the night and have a fresh face come 6pm when it counts. It works. Wait, my 2nd post and I'm already lying to you. Ok, fine. So I wear a LITTLE bit of bronzer and eye cream. But that's it! I swear! No liner, no blush, ok wait, fine, maybe a LITTLE mascara, but I'm not curling these babies until the time is right - that's for sure. Plus, I kind of laugh at people that look like they try too hard. Like, it's Monday I know you're not feeling the friggin eyeshadow right now, girlfriend. I even know what you're thinking, PattyJ fans. What about impressing the work crush? Being naturally pretty isn't for everyone, but luckily it is for me, so being cute during the day for that special colleague and being noticeably even prettier later? Plus add booze? Basically a done deal. You're welcome.