Three Easy, Affordable Ways To Co-Opt The Fancy Spa Experience At Home

A while back, I had the chance to spend a long weekend at a world famous spa and resort where people like Alec Baldwin (before he met and married his much younger, yoga instructor wife Hilaria) and Martha Stewart have also gone to relax, regroup and maybe even pick up a few new healthy habits. Pretty sure they also went there with the intention of losing a few pounds, but don't quote me on that. 

With that in mind then, here are a few key things I learned that you can co-opt at home, to change things up and feel way better (spa-ify your life, if you will), all without having to field endless questions from fellow guests about what you do for living, where you live and what brand of yoga pants you're wearing (Yes, that really happened to me there. Over and over again. Ughhh.):

1. White Towels

Spas have amazing white robes and towels that make your usual shower or bath that much more relaxing. 

If yours are mismatched and dingy, donate them to a local animal shelter. One of my sister-in-laws gives all her old ones to the shelter where she adopted her dog. They're always looking for old towels, blankets and sheets - still in useable condition of course - for the dogs to sleep on.

And no, you definitely don't have to be a billionaire to afford beautiful towels. I say Target's Nate Berkus line is better quality than a lot of department store brands I've come across. Also, as always, if you have the time, the patience and luck is usually on your side, stalking your local Home Goods is another option. They have been known to have some pretty fabulous towel options. 

2. Hum Supplements

At most spas, "they" will want to sign you up for some kind of nutritional counseling, to find out what you're eating at home, what (if any) supplements you're taking, etc. This service is usually extra.

Truth be told, that sort of one on one sit down makes me a little anxious (kind of defeating the whole purpose of the spa visit, right?), but I do think supplements are key to looking and feeling phenomenal. A nice alternative for me, then, is buying up these new HUM supplements. Exclusive to Sephora, they're billed as "cutting edge" and it was my uber cool friend (and beauty blogger/healthy living fan) Samantha Rei of Primpin Ain't Easy who first brought the line to my attention. She started taking their Cleanse To The Rescue 21 Day Cleanse and noticed a HUGE difference in how she felt. Huge. 

PS - Extra bonus points for whoever is naming these too: I'm currently taking several different ones, including OMG! Omega The Great (for even skin tone and heart health) and Turn Back Time Age Defying Cell Protection (for aging gracefully and equally as important, being able to successfully lie about my age). 

3. Meditation

Absolutely every spa and retreat these days is going to offer you yoga (a moving meditation) and  meditation (a workout for your mind). 

But before you run out and put a meditation app on your phone (There are dozens!), consider shutting down your phone (for a while anyway) and making a trip out to Providence Zen Center, a monastery in Cumberland, RI. They offer weekly meditations, retreats and more. I have a friend who actually made a guy, who had a crush on her, take her there for a first date-ish night out. Isn't it funny what men will do when they are trying to impress a girl? WINK

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Bathtub picture courtesy of HUM supplement pictures courtesy of Sephora. Teapot picture courtesy of Ashley Farney.

Nate Berkus' bathroom, picture in the thumbnail, found on Pinterest.