Patty J Guided By Collette: 5 Terrif Things From Day 1 In Rome

As we're brainstorming and blogging away, the Italian station News 24 is blaring on the flat screen tv on the wall, it's already Day 2 in Rome, and we'll actually be making our way to Amalfi in a few short hours. Here's an inside look at how we spent the first day of our Collette Tour in Rome tho, 5 terrif things we thought you should know before we #GoCollette to the next destination:

  1. The Colosseum

A stop at this largest amphitheatre ever built is a must! Not only was our Collette guide extremely knowledgeable, but he also took us to a special VIP area, at the first level, that's def not accessible to everyone. 

2. The Armani Connection

Our (main) guide Sergio also looped us in about how the polizia uniforms here were designed by Armani. Would you expect anything less?

3. The Celeb Factor

Last night, on the way to dinner, we spotted Jude Law (of  The Talented Mr Ripley, for starters) at a sidewalk cafe only a few blocks from our hotel. Turns out he's in Rome for the premiere of his latest project, The Young Pope, an HBO miniseries, co-starring Diane Keaton.

4. The Fountain

Of course, you'll want to get a glimpse of the super famous Trevi Fountain (cleaned and completely restored in the not too distant past) where peeps from all over flock to take snaps, including so many #selfies. While there, be on the lookout for the street vendors hawking fake Burberry scarves, roses, selfie sticks & wooden bowls. (They're pretty aggressive, but don't make eye contact and you'll be a-ok.) WE decided to give our coins to the street musicians instead, including a pair playing Hotel California outside one of the cafes. 

5. Drinks & Clinks

One of us (*clears throat*) keeps insisting that because the wine in Italy doesn't contain any sulfates, you can indulge without getting a hangover. Still testing out this theory...Stay tuned. 

Ciao for Now,

Team Patty J



Photo Credits: Pics of police and Jude Law are courtesy of Google Images. Pics of the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain by Richmond J. Additional ones by