Thursday Thoughts: Lose The Map & Wander Here

Traveling is a tricky thing... sometimes we find we feel uncomfortable venturing off into the 'local' sections, but being in Rome right now is different. 

Most people stay in the popular area filled with other tourists, but after staying here for a while, we so wanted to branch out. Today, we went to the Via del Boschetto neighborhood and absolutely loved it!

Think Wickenden Street, add some Broadway, and this is what you get: Via Del Boschetto is filled with vintage stores, cute cafes, many "bars" (aka coffee shops that also serve wine), handcrafted jewelry boutiques, consignment shops... so many hidden gems! (#Truthfully - It's been named one of the best shopping streets in Rome by Conde Nast editors, bloggers, and shopaholics alike.)
My advice to you is to step out of the tourist zone, and find yourself some local. Rome is a walking city and from what we've experienced, super safe, with mild weather to boot. Bring a cute pair of sneakers, and a portable iPhone charger, and you'll be all set!

Team Patty J


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