Happy Halloweekend: The Newest & Hottest Spot For Celebrating The Holiday

A few weeks ago, we had a 16+ hour delay at Logan and I started to doubt whether we were even going to make it to Rome. Same type of situation last night with the Illuminated Swan Boats in RWP. Minus the 16 plus hours of limbo. I mean, I thought I wasn't going to make it over. And how many excuses can people come up with for NOT going with (me)? Jeesh. Speaking of which, here's a short list of them, in no particular order:

  • I'm still sick. (Let's see if they're still under the weather when it comes time to hit the gym today.)
  • Ugh, working late. And I already went. You should've asked me, I would've blogged about it for you! (fml)
  • Can't make it. (No specific reason why. Whatevvvs.)
  • Just doesn't answer their phone. (A repeat offender too. Is there anything more annoying than those people who never ever EVER answer their cell? Nope. Try doing the same next time they call and see how they react.)

Well, too bad sooo sad for them because they missed out on something totally new and different for Halloween. Mad props to the person or people at Roger Williams Park who came up with the idea! (And I think it may have helped me beat my bad case of jet lag. Can I get a hell yeah?)

Last night, it was chilly without being bitter cold (Bundle up when you go. It is almost November.) and we - As per usual, my friend S. came thru in the end. - only had to wait a few short minutes, the polar opposite of what was going on a minute or two up the road at that darn Jack O'Lantern Spectacular. For the record, we bailed on THAT after having to sit in traffic just to get flippin parking (and we ended our night with drinks and snacks at The Duck & Bunny thank very much). I hear the trick to beating the crowds at the Spectacular is to arrive around 5:30, when it's not quite dark yet. (Makes perfect sense.)

After hoping onboard one of the many gi-normous swans, accessorized in brightly colored lights, it hit me that WE would actually have to paddle. (D'oh! Good thing I'd changed into a pair of low top Chuck Taylors.) Now, if I didn't need a few pix for this post, I wouldn't have bothered taking any at all. Because snapping pictures outside at night with a cell phone yields maddening results at best. Throw in all those strings of lights outlining the swans, the sunken pirate ship, the pumpkins, and the makeshift tunnels and we're talking blurry AND distorted. So, don't bother with the phone. Tuck it away in a safe place (Imagine how bummed you'd be if it took a tumble into that cold, dark water.) and enjoy the ride. It's not spooky per se, but it does put you in an autumnal state of mind.

*Illuminated Swan Paddle Boat Rides in RWP now thru Nov. 6th, weather permitting.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Pics courtesy of me