Go Somewhere: Eat, Drink And Be Merry In PVD This Season

It's funny, after I started posting from The Renaissance in PVD (It's perfectly fine to over-post, when you're staying at The Ren - It's the tops!), I started seeing comments and DM's from online friends and acquaintances who've stayed there and absolutely adored it. We were there this week, on the cusp of Christmas, and also adored it, for the same reasons you may've heard from friends and fam (service, comfy beds, and service) and more. For starters, there's the festive lobby that's equal parts big city stylish and cheer-y sparkle. In other words, just seeing it will bring you some Christmas JOY. And who couldn't use an extra shot of some of that?

Searching for more seasonal type stuff to do in the area? Coincidence - so were we! In fact, after stowing our stuff in our respective (and delightful) rooms, we headed over to the new North Bakery outpost for hot chocolate (Their chocolate chip cookies get high praise from me and several other RI'ers who've been featured this year.), which just so happens to be adjacent to the Alex & Ani Skating Center. Hang out with your HC and watch or slap on some skates and go for it. It's classic wintertime fun folks.

Our next stop? The ginormous Christmas tree at City Hall. If you scroll FB, IG or Snapchat at all, no doubt you've spied all the photo opps involving that tree. This makes it a must visit. Once you've snapped a selfie or gotten your staycation buddy to take your pic, it's a short walk back to The Ren and the restaurant on the lower level, Public Kitchen & Bar, for a drink (like that Old Fashioned in the #photo below) and some lunch or dinner. We were super impressed with the delish vegetarian options (with everything we ordered actually) and how personable and accommodating our wait person was. 

Can't get away until after the holidays? I was chatting over coffee with a friend who juggles a biz, family, and everything in between and she said the smartest thing she did last January was take a staycation with her husband and kids. (Translation: Think about it.)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography.