Brunching It At Milk Money

Recently, I was having coffee on So Main when I ran into someone who'd been on the blog a few months back. Turns out he'd gone to Caprichos Bakery in Pawtucket (profiled on the blog after him) and now he's a big fan! We started chit chatting about other restaurants and he asked me if I'd been to Milk Money yet. (I had not.) It's the restaurant that seems to be on his and everyone else's lips these days. They've also stepped by their Insta-game lately too, which I have to give them bonus points for. (It's far from easy to take visually appealing pics of food, trust me on this.)

So, yesterday, after deplaning from a flight where one seat mate spent the better part of our time in the air trying to pick the other one up (The question of the day is: Would you date a guy who gave you a mini bag of Doritos as an impromptu, in-flight gift?), I was aggravated and starving. (I mean, all I'd had since 10am was a Kind Bar and a Fiji water. That's a snack, not a meal dammit!) Instead of gravitating to one of my old reliables for brunch though, I figured I'd finally check out Milk Money on So Water in PVD.

Located in the lower level of the building where you'll also find Benrus (No doubt you've seen it from the highway.), the interior of the restaurant is the epitome of 21st century rustic cool - Think Anthro Home, mason jars, exposed brick, and lots of natural wood - without being intimidating. The staff was also on point. We were seated right away and while it took a few minutes before our waitress could get to us to take our order, once she did, we had our coffees and food quickly. 

More about the all-important coffee and the food. I liked my cappuccino a lot. The size of the cup? Not so much. (Translation? I like big cups and I cannot lie.) The brunch menu is divided up into four sections - First Bites, Eggs N' Such, And MoreOn The Side - with plenty of wines, cocktails, and craft beers on the opposite side. It's also a welcome mix of classic brunch dishes, like waffles and egg-based dishes (under Eggs N' Such of course), along with unexpected choices, like smoked trout deviled eggs or root vegetable chips (two of the small plates under First Bites). We had the Soft Scrambled Eggs and Huevos Rancheros and we cleaned our plates. Everything tasted fresh and top quality. In retrospect, however, I am kicking myself for not trying any of the smaller plates or cocktails (Was this close to ordering the Pineapple Cleanse - chamomile-infused gin, chartreuse, pineapple, and lime. #curious), but that does give me a reason to go back again for brunch or drinks with friends. 

Now, it wasn't mobbed there, which I'm part relieved (Restaurants where you barely have room to adjust your chair give me agita.) and part surprised about. I did appreciate that the crowd was made up of 20 and 30 somethings as well as families with kids of all ages. Also, grateful it wasn't made up entirely of people who look as though they are either style bloggers on the reg, or models, on Insta right now. I mean, who needs that pressure? I had just gotten off a plane for pete's sake and was feeling less than my best (aka, I had a bad case of the airplane uglies.).

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me