My RI Life: Meet Local Artist Quinn Bryan

So I am Brooklyn born, raised in Providence. I currently live in Pawtucket, but I do have some favorite hang outs in Providence. I like The Eddy for an amazing drink. My favorite is the "Blazing Saddles", whiskey with (I believe) black walnut bitters (I don't know, but I was in old man heaven!). Salon or Local 121 when I want to dance and The Hill for good eating. Wild Colonial has pool and darts and is mostly low key, which I like, and Cable Car and The Columbus to catch awesome movies and shows...Writing this I realize Providence is a big little city!

As for my art, I like to keep it light and fun. I find I can produce more without putting the pressures of what I personally think is perfection on myself. I graduated RIC with my studio painting degree and used to feel that art was a very serious thing. But now, with society changing and too much pop culture to ignore, it's hard to keep my art in a serious place. I also needed to get my thoughts out faster, so I began to doodle more. This is where I am happier and where I think more people can relate.

That being said, most of my work now has more meaning to me, if not secret, then very literal. It's always in there, sometimes hard to find. I won't explain the meaning of my work from a soap box - if you like it, you like. Even better if it's for your own reasons. Most important to me is if it makes you smile, laugh or show a friend. When that happens, I'm the happiest girl in the world! 

**Why Pizza?** Universally yummy, toppings are endless, and what better platform to get your message across than something everyone relates to. It's not all Pizza, but it's all good, at least I like to think so :)

Some of my work you can wear, most you can hang, and all will be available on Etsy. And I do not usually duplicate any wall pieces, so if you like, it grab it - It's a one of a kind!

More Info About These Pieces: The Dope Diamond and The Slice (#1401) are both available now on Etsy; Thot Pocket (#3191) and Basic Barbie (#5477), from Quinn's recent #NewUrbanSlang series, coming soon. [Find the link to Quinn's Etsy below.]


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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Quinn Bryan, except for The Eddy, The Cable Car, and Downtown PVD at night which appeared originally on the PattyJDotCom Instagram. Photo of the interior of The Columbus by Richmond Jeffrey.