New & Exciting In RI: Savoy Bookshop & Cafe in Westerly

After more than a year, the Savoy Bookshop & Cafe, situated in downtown Westerly, right near the train station (You may remember it as the former site of the old hotel in town. For the record, one of the signs from the original hotel was salvaged and currently hangs over the seating that's adjacent to the Cafe section. See photo below.), is open for biz. And I can promise you here and now that it's like no other bookstore in the entire Ocean State. 

Stepping thru the doorway is literally like going back to an era when a trip to the bookstore was a truly memorable experience. It's an inspired homage to interiors of yesteryear (including the gorgeous black on white tile in the entry that greets you, spelling out SAVOY, the stunning woodwork throughout, the comfy, antique-looking leather couches in the front seating area, and the chairs elsewhere, and the high ceilings that looks as though they date back to 1880's, when textured tin ones like that were all the rage), along with the modern conveniences (Yes, there's WiFi and a cafe, which just happens to serve RI's own Dave's Coffee as well as a nice selection of pastry and bagels. We had cappuccinos and split a bagel. There are also authentic Belgium waffles, made to order.) that most of us can't seem to live without these days.

It actually reminds me of a big city bookstore you might find in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or NYC. No surprise then that one of the peeps behind this sensational spot is the same gentleman who has brought other gems, like The Ocean House over in WH, to Westerly. (Got your attention with that last part, didn't I?)

Besides style for days, the Savoy has everything for the voracious reader/book lover, or aspiring one, in your life. Their selection of books is extensive yet still easily shoppable, featuring local authors (#TeamRhody), classics, mainstream releases (Think recent cook/lifestyle books from Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow.), and serious, thought-provoking tomes to pour over while you sip an iced tea, and much, much MORE. They didn't forget the 12 and under set either. Downstairs, there's a Kids' Section where you'll see aisles of reading material as well as a cute, cozy 'log cabin room' with bean bag-ish chairs on the floor and colorful murals on the walls. (I wanted to try it out, but alas, it was full to capacity the afternoon I was there. Oh. Well.) There's also a gorgeous staircase to the lower level where you could make a grand movie-star-of-the-silver-screen entrance. That or walk down to use the restroom. Your call.

So, if you're looking for a swell place to spend an afternoon or morning this season - rain or shine - this is it! 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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