The Shopping List: Shoppe Pioneer On South Main In PVD

After successfully avoiding an accident in my travels in the cap city yesterday, I motored over to So. Main to celebrate with a honey latte from Dave's (No, Dave's isn't sponsoring this, but if they wanted thank me with a few coffees here and there, I wouldn't protest.). En route to that celebratory latte, I decided to pop into Shoppe Pioneer, a great little boutique on South Main - because besides copious amounts of coffee and a meal prepared by someone else (In a pinch, I make a mean scrambled eggs and toast.), nothing elevates my mood faster than buying something new to wear. 

Not sure if someone I know was raving about SP recently or if I saw something about it in a recent Time Out NYC or both??? No matter. What you really need to know is that the owner, Natalie, greeted me right away with an energy and enthusiasm that was genuine without being smothering. Hate being suffocated when I shop. It's so annoying. 

The well edited selection (Another peeve of mine? Shops so packed with merch that you really can't enjoy browsing.) has elements of updated boho (an ombre tunic), modern romance (the kind of vintage-inspired, flattering-not-frumpy print dresses that I'm always looking for, but can never seem to find anywhere...Think Olivia Palmero or maybe Sofia Coppola and Alexa Chung.), and sophisticated cas, as in casual, glam (a black flowy-ish jumpsuit I spied, for starters). In addition, you'll find scarves, camis (Bought one to try out because I happen to be long waisted and this one looked a lot longer than the ones I currently own and struggle with on the reg. If I like it, I'll go back and buy at least a half dozen more, for under all my cardis & blazers.), jewelry, and other items to inspire you and make you the envy of all your friends (Sorry, Not Sorry.).

Even better? When you wear your 'find' from Shoppe Pioneer, it's highly unlikely you'll bump into a gaggle of other people in the same exact dress, top or jacket, one of the pitfalls of chain store shopping. Homogenized is for milk. For all you bargain hunters, there was a sale rack, but pls. note that I found everything to be pretty reasonably priced. I mean, the cami I picked up was $18 and the cropped navy jacket $84. No sticker shock whatsoever. #happyshopping 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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