Summer In The City Of Cranston: 3 Things To Do This Season

Some people love to make a joke outta life in Cranston. The most popular one being how people who reside there pronounce the name of the city. You say Cranston and I say Craaaaaaaanston. Or something like that. (There's also the huge misconception about everyone driving white cars and trucks and carrying LV bags, but we digress...And, speaking of handbags, we adore the recent LV campaigns featuring Michelle Williams.) So, while they're out having a few yuks at the expense of fine and upstanding Cranstonites (Cranstonians?), what they don't realize is that it's a pretty sweet place to reside, especially in the summertime. With that in mind, we've put together 3 fab ways to usher in the milder weather in RI's 3rd largest city. (Darn you Warwick! ***Shakes fist***)

  1. Head over to Garden City and meet your besties for lunch, drinks or dinner on the patio at either Bistro 22 or the newly opened Avvio. Outdoor dining in GC is an absolute must do during June, July, and August. Make a reservation if possible because both spots are jamming this time of year. Seriously. Style Tip: A fantastic pair of sunnies is essential and off the shoulder is off the hook for 2016 people! 
  2. Walk, bike or motor over to Sundaes on Oaklawn Ave. In the not-too-distant past, there was a blog praising a fav ice cream destination in Watch Hill. Well, the outcry from fans of Sundaes was intense. Yes, Sundaes has a loyal and extensive fan base of repeat customers...for so many reasons, including dozens of flavors of both soft serve and hard ice cream (Their black raspberry chip is a scorching hot seller.), ginormous portions (Have you see what they call a small? Holy Mackerel!!!), and their latest addition, a low cal, sugar free frozen yogurt called Only 8 (8 calories a spoonful? Idk.). On any given night, the line is down the street and it's a may-jor scene where you'll spy everyone from families with toddlers to cutesy couples still in the honeymoon stage to white and silver hairs and the occasional hipsters here and there, doing their best Kurt & Courtney circa 1990 homages. Also, don't forget to take a pic of your ice cream order and upload it to FB and IG. #foodporn Style Tip: Go cas (as in casual) with a French braid, a la Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner and sister Kim K, and your best looking pair of kicks or flat sandals.
  3. Next stop? Cafe International for an iced coffee and maybe even a rainbow bagel (See, you don't have to go to NYC for one. Winks!). It's the go-to for iced java during the dog days of summer or any time of year in Little Rhody really. The owner prides himself on using special care, as well as a mix of several different beans, when brewing his coffee. Pop in during the morning or early afternoon and you'll find a veritable who's WHO of Cranston, all indulging in some caffeine and carbs before jump starting their day or perhaps post work out. Style Tip: Aviators, ponies or baseball caps, nice looking yoga pants, and jorts.


The Patty J Team


Photo Credits: Bistro 22 patio photo is courtesy of their Instagram. All other photos are courtesy of and the PattyJDotCom Instagram.