Snaps & Sunflowers: Dame Farm And Orchard

Looking for something to do this week?

With the kiddies or with your favorite Instagrammer or Snapchatter? (Raise your hand if you still can't figure out how to post on Snapchat. #GenerationGapProbs)

We have it! And it happens to be right across the road from Wicked Tulips Farm in Johnston. Truthfully, Wicked Tulips (No disrespect whatsoever to anyone involved, but we really want to point out that it could also be shortened to WTF. #Lolz #JK) was MAJOR this past spring, but we found the next big thing for the summer season and it's - SUNFLOWERS!

Yup. There's an abundance of them at Dame Farm And Orchard, which btw dates all the way back to 1840, and they are postcard perfect in person. (Check out the photos above to get an idea.) Great for gazing at and equally as important, they also lend themselves to all kinds of social media based scenarios. Who needs flower crowns or puppy faces when you're posing in a ginormous field of SUNFLOWERS, right? Suddenly your selfies just got way more likes too - because you're standing in the midst of a massive amount of SUNFLOWERS at Dame Farm!!!

So, maybe your friends, and a few frenemies, got to Wicked T. before you and uploaded a bunch of cool pics? If that's the case (even if it's not), then now's the time to get a leg up and motor over to this friendly, family run farm to check out the majesty of these flowers and perhaps pick a few blueberries too. If you don't want to get your hands dirty (We just got manis and pedis actually...More about that in an upcoming post.), then you can buy some at the farm stand/red cottage on the premises. They're just as sweet and juicy as the ones people pick themselves and you won't ruin your nails. 

*Dame Farm is open Monday thru Saturday during July and August, so make Sunday a beach day.

Team Patty J


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