4 Superlative Places To Stop While Strolling Providence

9,680. That's the number of steps I took yesterday, mostly in Providence. Shortly after clicking over to retrieve that tally from the Moves App (which measures all your daily activity, whether it be on foot or by vehicle, and which I'd only just added the night before), I deleted it because (I swear) it was draining my battery in a big way and that's a no-no when you're practically living on your phone. But I digress...Now, join me on a tour (No flats, sun hats or shades necessary.) of a few of my favorite spots in the capital city right now.

1. Starting Point: So Main and Shoppe Pioneer. Scope out their brand new additions - kid's, homewear and a nifty selection of gift-y items (that you won't be able to resist) in their newly acquired adjacent space. 

2. Next stop? Head toward the corner of So Main and College. If you're lucky and it's a day when The Nitro Cart is situated on the corner of those streets, be sure to grab one of their signature Nitro (cold) Brew coffees. They're ahhhh-mazing, so smooth and tasty that there's absolutely no need to add anything. Pinky swear. (I drink tested one very recently.)

3. Now, pop in to Cafe Choklad for a post-Nitro Brew sweet, like their Pain Au Chocolat, which I'm giving 5 stars. I ate one yesterday afternoon while also charging my phone. (Damn youuuu, Moves App!) They also have a nice selection of sandwiches in case you're in need of lunch.

4. Also, don't forget to swing by Marc Allen to see their window displays. They're consistently the right mix of whimsy and polish and will def appeal to your inner Olivia Pope or Cary Grant

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


*Pedi courtesy of Miniluxe Garden City, Cranston, RI

Photo Credits: Photo of The Nitro Cart courtesy of their Instagram. All other photos courtesy of me,