4 Surprising Things You Don't Know About Washington DC

Just when you thought we couldn't cram any more sightseeing into 24 hours in the nation's Capital, here are four more noteworthy things we learned from gallivanting around "the District" yesterday:

1. There's A Secret Subway Below The Capital Building.

And we hitched a ride. The private, underground train shuttled us from a Senate office building over to the Capital, which, if you've never ever been, is way more opulent than any of the interiors we saw at The West Wing. (Btw, this rail was actually open to the public up until the 911 attacks.)

2. Say Good Bye To Social Media.

If you want to live the dream in DC, be prepared to hand over your smart phone. We handed ours over before touring the Senate floor and most of the other spaces in the Capital Building. Also, regardless of who you are (Think Besos, Gates or Zuckerberg.), if you're meeting with the President in the Cabinet Room at The WH, you must surrender your cell. There are actually wooden boxes, with separate compartments for devices, directly outside these rooms. 

3. Even the First Lady Can't Pop In To The Oval Office.

Yes, even the FLOTUS must get security clearance before doing a pop in at the OO. 

4. The President Put This Burger Place On The Map.

The crew at Ray's Hell Burger had to be shocked the day President Obama and VP Biden stopped by for lunch. The President must've liked their burgers because he went back again and brought the President of Russia (Dmitry Medvedev) with him. We ate there today. Def check it out next time you're in the DC area, if only for the bragging rights.

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com