Take A Personal Day & Go To One Of These Local HG's For Breakfast Or Lunch

After three years of my documenting practically every single meal, there's one thing to say - most ppl live to talk food. On any given day, old friends, new ones, and still others I only really know via social (FB, Insta, you know the drill.) are texting, messaging, and otherwise reaching out to either ask for recommendations (I do blank out a lot when put on the spot. Just throwing that out there.) or fill me in on a place they've discovered that they usually want me to blog about. In the spirit of all of this, today I'm sharing some local (hidden) gems that we - both my tipsters and I - happen to think are vastly underrated. So here goes, the places you'll be gushing about soon:

  1. JP Spoonem's (Broad St in Cranston) for breakfast or brunch - There's a retro diner feel, which explains the consistently great coffee and low key welcoming vibe. Try their waffle special, it changes daily. Everything I've had there has been scrumptious. (And I even filmed a few vlogs there during year one of PattyJ.com.)
  2. "For lunch during the week, we love Gesualdi’s (643 Hartford Ave, Providence). The daily chalkboard specials are always changing, but you can never go wrong. I’m partial to the platters of greens and beans in rich chicken stock and the beautiful (and huge) salads." (Courtesy of Patty J contributor Tracey Keough Park of Trace Alchemy Skincare, handmade right here in RI)
  3. Ebisu on Pontiac Ave. in PVD (really just over the line from Cranston) - Go for their Japanese tapas. Someone I'll identify as the Mayor of Garden City originally suggested it. That's how I ended up there with a friend who claims she doesn't enjoy eating in restaurants (We all have at least one.), and we both ended up becoming converts. It's clean and no frills with yummy, fresh faire and fantastic service. They even accomodated all our PITA requests without any 'tude which is always a huge plus. 
  4. "I like River Falls in Woonsocket. It's a hidden gem - Restaurant by day, city side bar at night. The best part is sitting by the water for some drinks and seafood." (Shanna Molina, talking one of her Rhody favs)