4 Ways To (Finally) Creating The Holiday Cards You've Been Dreaming About

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Looking for another reason to stay in, and stay cozy, this week?

Why not grab your go-to hot beverage (cocoa, tea, golden milk, you get the idea), and a cookie or three (So many of my friends are already baking up the festive treats, and posting about it on FB and IG.), and get a jump on creating absolutely amazing printed holiday cards


My own past experiences range from pulling all nighters (trying frantically to get envelopes addressed and stamped) to fits of regret for not having sent cards at all after seeing some really cute ones rolling in (in) the weeks before Dec 25th. Exactly why I'm happy to team up with the ppl over at Basic Invite and talk about how they can help make your Holiday card dreams come to life this year.


Even if you feel like you don't have enough hours in the day. Or maybe you're reluctant about putting Christmas cards together online. I hear you, and so do they. With this in mind then, here are my 4 fav features of ordering with Basic Invite:

1. Preview Your Designs In Advance

Sure, Basic Invite has over 400 Christmas and Holiday designs, and over 180 diff color options, (not to mention 40 different envelope colors), to pick from. So many choices that you could find yourself torn between two (or more) options. In that case, what's a person to do? No need to stress or second guess because you can order a custom sample that's sent right to your door. That way you can see how your favs look up close and in person. Decisions made easy peasy, right?

2. Let's Talk Lists For A Second


Can we talk contact info? I mean, once you've decided on your dream card. Because I definitely don't have anyone's phone number memorized at this point, forget addresses updated and on file. Which is why I couldn't wait to tell you about Basic Invite's Address Capturing Service. All you have to do is share the (custom) link they provide to your Facebook (Insta, Twitter, etc.) to request addresses from your friends and fam. And viola, no more chasing crumbled papers or having to send those last minute texts inquiring about mailing address. 

3. This Next Part Is Almost Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant


It doesn't stop with address collection (Hooray!) because next step, they will print them out on your envelopes, also for FREE. Just add stamps and mail. Freeing you up to tackle some of the other holiday to-do's on your list or maybe a Christmas movie marathon in your living room. (PS - They'll also mail them for you for an additional.)

4. Licking Envelopes Is So 5 Years Ago

And those envelopes? Guys, every single one is Peel + Seal, at no extra cost. One of those little details you don't fully appreciate until peak holiday, and things get crazy busier. (Nice!!)

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