The Fall-tastic (Local) Place You're Probably Missing Out On This Month

I have this adore/detest relationship with Waze. There was that time it had me going in circles in downtown Newport. In all fairness though, it did get me to Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge in Foster the other day. I mean, there's no flipping way I would have ever located it without some GPS assistance.

Covered bridges are so autumn in New England highlight reel, ya know?

The good news is that Rhode Island actually has one for all your social media photo taking needs and beyond (more about that in a sec...and yeah, I too was surprised that there aren't more around here.) The weird news is that this bridge was built in the early 90's (essentially by a team of volunteers) as a Rhody rustic grand gesture to help commemorate the state's 350th birthday, burned down only about 4 months later by vandals (Ummm, What The F?!?), and then, rebuilt and reopened in 1994. 

Circa these days, it's a popular spot for things like proposals, engagement photos, and IG'ers in search of that perfect #GoOutside pic.

While we were there, one guy even stopped and offered to take our photo, said he does it all the time, etc. Speaking of which, if you are planning on motoring over before the trees go bare (Highlight reel, remember?), it is situated on a road that is in use. So, keep your eyes and ears open for cars and trucks. Also, parking is basically non-existent (For a moment or two, I thought about offering the closest neighbor $20, so that we could park our cars in his driveway for a half hour while we were shooting fotos.), so be prepared to get creative when it comes to keeping your vehicle out of harm's way. 

Fairly certain the ppl already in the know aren't going to be too pleased about my shining a light on this photo opp gem, but they'll get over it...eventually. 



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography; Scarf and sweater courtesy of our friends at Fat Face Garden City.