There's A Brand New Secret Bar & You'll Want To Go This Weekend

A friend's yoga studio just so happens to be in a space that used to be an actual speakeasy during the Prohibition Era. Secret, or hidden in plain sight, bars continue to be a thing all these years later, but now it's more about exclusivity and being in the know, as opposed to say needing to stay off Eliot Ness' radar or something. I'm guessing you're already familiar with the handful in Providence (one on Atwells, another in Olneyville) circa now, but there's this brand-y new one in the mix that you're going to want to check out this soon. 

For starters, it's only open on weekends. (Maybe Thurs nights too? Idk.) Also, unless you're out actively looking and searching for it, you'd probably motor or stroll right on by. The exterior's obviously been completely redone and looks fab, but there are no signs of any kind saying it's a lounge, watering hole or what have you. When we approached the main door, for a second I thought we might need a code or something because of the key pad and ginormous button nearby. But no, not even a special knock. We walked in the other night and were greeted by (true story) the best customer service I've ever been privy to in any uber cool city bar. So welcoming! 

 The interior is all dim mood lighting (making decent phone photos close to impossible...consider yourself warned), candles, and exposed brick. The OCD, Type A in me was beyond impressed by the fact that the first thing you get after being seated is a hot towel for cleaning your hands. Next, the menus. The drink options are extensive (I had something Moscow Mule meets sweet potato -ish.) and should please even the most persnickety of your friends and frenemies, including but not limited to those former bartenders who walk among us. There's also some small plate stuff in case you need a nosh or two. In addition, adore that they bring the check tucked into a mini notebook with one of those retro looking, marblized covers. 

What and where exactly is this gem? Find the Courtland Club at 51 Courtland Street in PVD. You'll be jazzed you did.