Text Your BFF's To Make Plans Because This Place Combines 2 Of Your Fav Things

My dad's dream was always to open his own bookstore. For most of his life, however, he worked a full time gig driving a truck (without any heat or ac), delivering books and magazines to shops and markets in the RI and Mass area, in addition to at least 2 part times. He spent most (rare) nights off reading paperbacks, newspapers, and mags while listening to am radio. Other times, he'd go out for a few beers. Exactly why the brand new bookstore + bar on Valley St in Providence kinda, sorta reminds me of him. Growing up surrounded by beaucoup books definitely had an impact on me as well. Hey, I love bookstores, so as soon as I heard about Riffraff, knew I had to get there asap. 

Essentially, they've gone and combined two things that most people I know adore - books big and small with beverages like beer, wine, craft cocktails, and coffee. Their selection of books is small-ish but carefully curated. The front table, we were told, was made up of the owners' current favs. We browsed and picked out an eclectic assortment of fiction and non-fiction titles. Next, it was on to the bar area in the back. Not gonna lie, it's nifty, in a retro (Check out the vintage cash register behind the bar!) meets clean minimalism (Peep the multiple photos below for a look at the Riffraff sign on the back wall that's certain to become a classic PVD image over on Instagram.) way. We wrapped things up with a couple of cocktails (The Hot Toddy, perfect on a freezing cold night in thecity, was almost too smooth.) and snacks, vowing that we'd def be back again soon.

I feel like it's an amazing place to take a date, especially one you're really trying your darnedest to impress. Or those friends always looking for something shiny and new to do locally, or those who are always complaining there's nothing to do in Rhode Island. Also great if you are looking for somewhere low key to hang, drinking coffee, cleaning out your inbox, and flipping thru a new book.

Photo Credits: All Riffraff photos courtesy of PattyJ.com.