The Holiday Spot Where All Your Instagram Decor Dreams Come To Life

Need another dose of Christmas spirit right about now? You know, to keep you going strong until next weekend. How about a stunning wreath or festive flower arrangement? How about both? You're in luck because I found this place last week that you'll want to motor over to. (This also works if you have family in town and you wanna get the heck outta the house for a few.)

So, it was after that first storm last week-ish and I'm driving around Tiverton and Little Compton area. I spy a guy by the side of the road in LC and he's taking photos of an old (old looking perhaps?) barn off in the distance using a camera with a ginormous lense. Good for him. Me? All the snow's melted (No snowy photos then I guess. *sigh*) and there isn't one single place open to grab a cuppa coffee. Ugh. So things were looking kinda disappointing. But there was that one spot I had seen while passing thru Tiverton Four Corners earlier. It looked adorable, like something out of a 1950's Christmas movie. 

Before heading back to my neck of the woods, decided I'd definitely stop to get a closer look although it was getting late and the sun was setting (It might not be polite to say here, but this whole sun setting by 4pm is really bumming me out. Still.). And that's how I found something called The Farm and chatted with the owner and proprietor, Peggy, for a few.

Basically, it's a completely magical roadside Holiday Pop-Up that she's been putting together for around 7 years. Unfortnately, I missed some of the details because I was there while she was wrapping up for the day. Hope you'll get an idea of the delightful (RI Rustic) aesthetic from the photos below. She told me that ppl come from all over the place  (Cape Cod, Watch Hill, what-have-you) every single year to buy one of her creations. And that's she's there until Christmas Eve. Swore I'd get back to scope everything out when she had it set up and in full swing and I still might. You should def go though. 

*She doesn't have any social media, and it also hasn't been Instagram-ed thousands of times over (I couldn't find much online.), so if you went and got some fantastic phone photos, that would be such a win on Facebook or Instagram.