The Place In PVD Everyone's Chatting About And Posting From All Of A Sudden


Hold on to your hat (or beanie, the topper of choice for sooo many these days...Speaking of which, I was briefly separated from mine for a few minutes yesterday at the RISD Museum, which put a real damper on my tea and sandwich - and food foto taking - at Pearl Cafe.) because there's something brand new in PVD that everyone's chatting and posting about, or adding to their itineraries, all of a sudden.


Sure, it used to be enough to have your skating or hot chocolate holding photos up on social (The previous ones are from last year, and courtesy of Stacey Doyle.), but the game's changed and this has everyone scrambling for updated photos, videos, and cute (or awkward) anecdotes. 

Of course, I'm talking about the bumpers on ice that were officially unveiled at the Alex & Ani Skating Center this week. (Hooray - We're the first in New England to have these!) I walked over the other day to scope things out, and sure there were people skating, but there were a bunch more either bumper-ing, waiting to bumper or carefully evaluating the whole experience from the sidelines. (Swear to God I saw KJP too, but I can't be 100% certain.)


It's definitely great if you don't skate. (I don't.) It's also something fun-tastic and exciting to do during school vacay after the Christmas magic has dissipated into boredom and you're frantically searching (and researching online) ways to keep the kiddos entertained.

If you're going with your BFF's as a group, or on a date during the day, you might also want to pop over to Exchange St and Sydney before or after for some hot beverages and a nosh. It's delish, a highly Instagram-able experience (a gorgeous space), and equally as important, they do repost some of the best stuff from Instagram back to their own account. (Sorry/not sorry - It's always a thrill to see your pix get a shoutout like that.)

Another neat option I noticed right away is the 10pm to 12midnight block when the ice turns full bumper cars. For those of you on Snapchat, you know that's going to be major this winter when it comes to Stories. So, bundle up and enjoy!


Photo Credits: First two photos courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography; additional photo