Food Inspo: The PVD Restaurant That Had You Hooked Is Back

The middle seat.

I think we can all agree that, even if it's on a plane that gives you more leg room, basic cable channels, and free snacks, it's still the pits. The only saving grace is if you're seated between two people you already know. Then it's not quite as awkward when the time inevitably comes to remind one of them that the armrest they're getting a little too comfy on is in fact yours! Flash forward to my flight back to RI yesterday. The girl to my left was working on a term paper and commandeering my armrest, the one with all the tv controls (Thanks for changing the channel in the middle of a pivotal moment of my Law & Order binge.) and the guy on the opposite side laser focused on playing Candy Crush. (That's still a thing? It seems so 5 years ago.) Add into the mix an entire afternoon without a decent meal - unless you count a mini bottle of water and a Starbucks at the airport - and that leaves one cranky *ss me.

That's the back story for how late last night, we ultimately ended up at Timmy's Pizza, on Spruce Street, a short stroll from Atwells. Formerly Bob & Timmy's. Which people online and IRL used to fan girl, and boy, over in a big way. (The best word to describe all of that would have to be #obsessed.) So, now that it's back, and we are - and we're always hungry - how could we not?

The interior? Incredible. A major makeover success story, completely updated and modernized with pretty counters and a flat screen. You'll also find lots of light and white tile, which, in case you care, does not necessarily lend itself to fantastic photos for Insta but the pizza is so freakin delicious, who the heck cares? We had one of the 'Traditionals' - the Margherita with fresh mozz, tomato, basil, and shaved parmesan. (The parm really puts it over the top into foodgasm territory.) We could have picked one from the 'Grilled' options, which I guess is what they're known best for, but we were already multiple sips of wine in, trying to take decent I-Phone pics, and chatting with the bartender/server who seemed to think that we were worked for one of those apps with dozens upon dozens of reviews restaurants. (Nope.) A shoutout to her for the generous pour though. LVP, Sam Malone, and Isaac would all be super proud. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J