Brunch At This Place Before The Lines Are Out The Door

At my advanced age (My advice? Avoid too much sun time and don't fear the Botox needle. If you don't like that advice, big sunglasses work too.), my patience for standing around for an hour waiting for a table for Sunday brunch is pretty much paper thin. (Also, I am the original #hangry girl. It's practically in my DNA.) Exactly why once back home in RI, I swore I wouldn't go anywhere that doesn't take reservations. It took me only a week or so to break that resolution, but the bright side is a marvelous meal last weekend at a restaurant that to the best of my knowledge, does not require any advance notice. (We probably won't be able to get a table next time now, but whatevs.)

True story, I had no idea whatsoever about this place  - until I saw some posts on the Instagram of the cold brew gurus known as The Nitro Cart. (On a related note, practically everyone's shopping for just about everything, from restaurants and beverages to lip gloss and outfits on IG. It's the #NewConsumerism my friends. Hint, hint.) And I can always go for a coffee...That's how we ended up at The Shanty on Post Rd in Warwick, not far from the Marina.

You've probably driven past a bunch of times without "seeing" them. It's a small space, but it does have RI rustic pizzazz. (Wish I'd taken some pics of the interior because there are lights hanging over the bar and the entry alone is adorable. For the record, I was laser focused on my meal.) The deal? We got seated right away, our server was attentive without being annoying (Hovering is a classic brunch don't. Can we all just agree on that please?), and our food was delicious (Tasty and not greasy. I'm also over and done with greasy breakfast potatos btw. Bye.)

 So, if you're looking for an end to brunch-related drama (long, boring as hell waits for tables, inconsistent service and/or food, and other migraine inducing BS), definitely check this place out. I feel like it's one of those hidden gems that we're always talking about here on the blog.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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