3 More Marvelous Things To Do In Jamestown

Did someone say get outta town? We did, motoring over to Jamestown*. We also put together this spring-tastic list of things to do there. Sure, you probably already associate Beavertail (lighthouse and all) or Trattoria Simpatico (I've had many fab meals there!) with J/T, but here are 3 more terrif things to add to your warm(er) weather agenda:

1. Get Caffeinated 

at The Village Hearth Bakery & Cafe. A while back, during the off season (late Feb or early March? Can't recall.), I'd tried to try the VH, but found them closed. Then, more recently, someone tagged me in an Instagram post about them, so I decided to give it another go and boy, am I glad I did. My latte was delicious and I also loved the rustic, and colorful, exterior (See photos above.). Another plus, if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity on a Sunday night, is their grilled pizza, which is only gettable that night of the week. (Full Disclosure: If there's one thing I adore more than coffee, it's pizza.)

2. Go For A Drive

thru the Windmill Historic District and check out the farms (There are a few and one that I know definitely supplies the restaurant I'm going to gush about next.), the historic Quaker meeting house, and that Windmill, dating back to 1787. It makes for a fantastic photo opp (Bring a lense attachment if you're using an I-Phone.). It's open for daily tours during the summer from 1 to 4pm, or so the sign says. 

3. Feed 

your face at J22, a farm-to-table find right on Narragansett Ave., in the heart of that still quaint strip of restaurants, galleries, and such. We started with Moscow Mules, which I swear are healthy because of the ginger. Then, we ordered pasta (for me), which is handmade, and a burger (not for me - I'm 95% vegetarian, unless you count the salmon I ate the other night.), which is made with the local'est of local grassfed beef from nearby (as in a 3 minute car ride away) Windmist Farm. #Foodgasm  (Full Disclosure: Really liked the food at this restaurant and could NOT wait to blog about it!)

Team Patty J

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com 

*This post originally appeared on the blog in April 2016. It has been edited and modified for 2017.*