It's The Most Talked About Beauty Treatment In RI Right Now

I'm sure you were skeptical when you read and heard about microblading...because I was too.

But too late, I had already made an appointment, not knowing much about it. Around that same time, I remember going to get my eyelashes done and seeing someone's eyebrows dramatically drawn in - all I could think was, "Wow, thank God I don't wear a lot of makeup because she looks ridic lol!" Well, later I found out that same ridic lady had just gotten microblading - instant heart attack.

At my appointment, I told my brow lady exactly how I was feeling. She sat me down and explained everything in detail - how it would feel, the side effects, after care and she even let me pick the color. She also filled in my eyebrows to give me an idea of what they would look like once the microblading (a semi-permanent enhancement for your natural eyebrows can last for several years but does require regular touch-ups) was done. 

During, it didn't hurt that badly, but it definitely wasn't comfortable either. (A special hand held tool with a needle point is used to apply the color.) After, I saw my NEW eyebrows and was like, "SHANNON (She's my eyebrow lady.), you did it again!" I absolutely loved it!

Before & After

After Care

You cannot get your brows wet for 10+ days, and you have to put medicine on them (Duh, it's a semi-permanent tattoo). You better follow the directions or all that dough you just dropped was a waste. (Trust me, it's not cheap - But there is no price on fabulous!) 

Also, your brows will look VERY DARK for ABOUT 2 WEEKS; however that won't last. The too-dark-look will fade, like a regular tattoo.

I highly recommend microblading if you don't have the perfect arch or thickness (because you went overboard with the tweezers). If you decide to move forward, I recommand Shannon, whose studio is located at 1263 Oaklawn Ave in Cranston, RI.