3 Places People Talk About When They Talk Cinco De Mayo

Whether it's in person or via message (text, Facebook, you freakin' name it!), people love telling me about their favorite restaurants in Rhode Island. They'll also argue passionately if and when I've somehow excluded one of theirs from a recent food-related post, like the time I blogged about pizza in the OS and didn't mention Caserta's. (Oooo Deeee!) But I digress. After all, it is Cinco de Mayo, so instead of pizza pie, let's talk 3 of the places that get mentioned to me the most, where you could totally go to ring in the holiday.

The Hidden-ish Gem

Live in EG? No doubt you know it. If not, you may be missing out...Located a block or so behind Main Street, in a bright, updated space that in a past life used to be a garage (shades of PVD's The Slow Rhode over on The West Side), it's a go-to for tons of locals. After a tip from one of my friends, who has roots in EG, also happens to be a serious taco aficionado, and is a semi-regular contributor to this blog, I motored over and had some of the best Mexican food I've had in for-evvv! Speaking of course about none other than Tio Mateoswhich my friend proclaims THE best Mexican in the state, specifically because of their: Burrito of the Week (which they usually post over on Instagram), El Mateo Supremo (We know someone else who practically lives on these.), Seven Layer Dip, Tostada Salad (Think unwrapped burrito, for those times you want something a little lighter.), Quesadillas (in a word, great), and before I forget, the house-made citrus Iced tea & cookies by the register. (Hungry yet?)

Tacos For Days & 4 Ever

Back in college, I ran on Taco Bell, thrift store bought Lee jeans, and toxic people. That was then. Now, I've moved on, from fast food tacos and burritos anyway. If you too are in a good place and ready to give up the junk-y food (It's a stage most of us go thru.), then add Tallulah's to your list. (I keep a running list of restaurants, regrets, and future blog topics on the Notepad App on my I-Phone. Doesn't everyone?) Everything's fresh and guilt-free tasty. There's also a kick-ass outdor patio for sunny days this Spring & Summer in PVD.

Hall Of Famer

Full Disclosure: Pretty much everyone adores El Rancho Grande (Seriously!), but hands down, RI-based writer Heather Rigney, in a My RI Life profile for PattyJ.com last year, sang their praises best, and in my book, most memorably, when she blogged:

 El Rancho Grande ('ERG' to those in the know!), in Olneyville, is probably my favorite restaurant. Who am I kidding? It IS my favorite restaurant! I have an agreement with one of the waiters. When I walk in, he gets me a tall glass of Pacifico. He catches me up on his studies (He's at CCRI.), and then I get my usual­­ 3 tacos de playa (The best shrimp tacos I have EVER had.), and a side of rice and beans. If Maria, the owner, comes out, she has been known to knock back a shot of Tequila with the customers. I may or may not have been one of the customers on many previous occasions. *NOTE: It fills up fast! We try to go for lunch, or before 5pm to avoid the rush. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: ERG photos by Richmond, all others courtesy of PattyJ.com