3 Ways To Make A Difference For Dogs & Cats In Local Shelters

At this moment, adopting a rescue cat or dog is not an option for me for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to dog sitting duty for a certain Golden Doodle and his Husky bro. My schedule is also cray cray. So, too many dogs and too many hours motoring around the Ocean State. If you're in a similar situation, but still want to do something, I've put together a few tips for lending a hand to our four legged friends who have been abandoned or surrendered:

1. Follow + Share - This may seem small or inconsequential, but it really can have an enormous impact on the life of a shelter dog or cat. Follow one (or more) of the RI-based shelter or rescue pages* on social media and repost some (or all) of their updates about animals in need of second chances at a loving, fur-ever homes to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. By doing this, you are increasing the number of eyes on these pleas and thus, their odds of making a connection and match with a wonderful new family or pet parent.

*I've included a list of some of the pages I follow and repost from at the very end.

2. Essentials - So, I've been sharing quite a few posts over the last year or so and it has left me wanting to do more. Unfortunately, right not I'm already volunteering with another organization on a regular basis, so donating was the next logical step. The hubs and I had already donated some laundry detergent last year (The person at that shelter told us it's considered GOLD in their world btw.**)

Then last night, I spied a friend updating FB about having donated a NEW bed to another RI rescue. Light bulb moment: After clicking the link, I decided to do the same. The best part (in addition to the discounted price and FREE shippping) is all I had to do was give my cc and some basic info. They (Kuranda Dog & Cat Beds) do the rest, including shipping the item directly to the facility (You get to choose from an extensive list of area shelters.) and sending you updates and delivery confirmation. Click here for more info about their "Donate A Bed" program. 

**These organizations are also in need of your old towels and blankets. One of my in-laws even goes so far as to buy discounted bedding and bath towels at places like Home Goods or Target and donate them to the local rescue where they adopted their dog. 

3. Get Creative - Shelters are usually always on the lookout for people to volunteer to do things like walk dogs (You'll probably have to fill out an application and go thru some sort of training and screening process of course.), but there are other non-traditional ways to have an impact too. One example is an artist I used to know who would make cards, stationary, and postcards, and then, donate all the proceeds from their sale to a PVD based animal shelter. 

A Few FB Pages I Follow

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it is a starting point, if you're looking for an intro.

  • The Abandoned Dogs Of RI
  • The East Greenwich Animal Protection League (EGAPL)
  • Cranston Animal Shelter (As of now, they are only on Instagram.)
  • RI Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA)
  • Providence Animal Control Center
  • Potter League for Animals (Middletown, RI)
  • PARL (Providence Animal Rescue League)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J