5 Things To Know Before You Go Strawberry Picking

Want fresh, local strawberries?

A few laughs?

How about an adorable, outdoorsy photo opp for social (media)?

Well, it just so happens to be strawberry season in the Ocean State right now, so you're golden. For starters, you probably already know it's a great group activity (Picking alone would just be tres sad!) that the kiddos, and your resident kid at heart, will go cray crazy over. Fun-tastic? Of course, but here are a few other key things to consider before you pack everyone in the car and go.

  1. Use lots of that sunscreen that's probably collecting dust under your bathrom sink or at the bottom of your tote bag this very second. Remember to also double check expiration dates or you could still find yourself bright lobster red for the next week or two despite your best SPF efforts. (It happens!)
  2. It's a great excuse to wear the oversized floppy - or statement straw - hat you bought last summer, but never got around to wearing yet because it screamed 'Notice me!' Wear it, own, and move the heck on. (Then, later run out and get a copy of Louise Roe's Front Roe: How To Be A Leading Lady In Your Own Life.)
  3. Personally I have an adore/detest relationship with boyfriend jeans because they're super comfy for things like squatting in a field and plucking strawberries off plants, but boy oh boy are they unflattering to the backside. The solution? Don't allow anyone to snap any photos of you walking away from the camera. (If you're leaning toward shorts, you need to be onboard with #1 in a serious way! No joke.)
  4. Bring plenty of water (I walked 5 miles and also went on a garden tour at a local park this past week without any H2O, quel nightmare!) as well as something to clean your hands with because picking is messy biz. I'm partial to any number of baby wipes, but they are apparently not the best for the environment since they don't break down easily. Or so I heard on The Stern Show recently.
  5. Some swear by DIY face masks made with fresh strawberries because the acid in the berries is suppposed to help decrease oil and even lighten those red marks that get left behind by monster zits, breakouts. Strawberries are also loaded with Vitamin C which fights those nasty free radicals responsible for destroying collagen and (ultimately) the dreaded fine lines. 

   Ciao for Now,

   Patty J