3 Things To Know Before You Go For Your Next Pedicure

It's practically summer which (I think you'll agree) is the most difficult time to hide really bad looking feet. Mine were (not gonna lie) starting to verge into scary mess territory and def in need of a reboot. Have I mentioned that in addition to various core workouts lately, I've also been walking 20-30+ miles a week? That takes a toll, especially on the toes!

So, yesterday I motored over to Garden City, to the MiniLuxe beauty studio there, in search of some fancy foot work. They jumped right in, making over my ugly feet, along with my less than glam nails too. Now, I can be a complete germaphobe, meaning that as a rule, whenever I get my feet and hands done, I tend to be preoccupied the entire time with the possibility of picking up a fungus or something else equally icky. (A good friend got a nail fungus after getting her feet done at a random place during a vacay in FLA a few years ago. It took her over a year to finally get rid of it for good. Yeah, No Thanks!) Not at ML tho: Like me, they're obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and such. With this in mind then, here are a few key things to keep in mind before you go for your next pedi and mani this season:

  1.  During my pedicure at ML, they used still water in the tub, as opposed to the bubbling H2O from those jets that you see at sooo many places these days. Apparently, the jets are extremely difficult to clean and can be an issue when it comes to keeping the actual tubs truly sanitized, and (most importantly) keeping your toes fungus free. Tip: If you get your feet done elsewhere, it's ok to say you don't want the jets on and to ask for a liner for the basin/tub.
  2. In their signature Clean Lab, the team at ML sterilize all their tools in a multi-step process, insuring you aren't being worked on with anything grotty. As a matter of fact, you will see your manicurist break open the sealed blue bag - containing the sanitized clippers, as well as those thingies-that-push-back-your-cuticles - right before your eyes. (Transparency is a beautiful thing!) Tip: If you're not at ML, it's ok to bring your own clean tools from home for the manicurist to use on you. 
  3. The  Dazzle Dry polish option. It's a few dollars extra, but lasts longer than traditional formulas and mimics the durability of a gel manicure/pedicure without your having to sit with your nails under that light for what feels like hours. Fantastic for anyone who's tough on their hands and feet (as in anyone who refuses to wear gloves while washing dishes or is a repeat offender when it comes to walking barefoot) and has zero patience for extended beauty treatments (DD polish dries in around 5 mins, yayyy!). Tip: If you want to copycat the gel mani at home, there are several kits on the market now, including one from Essie (which I saw at CVS recently), that are meant to give you the durability without the salon visit or that damn light. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com