4 Things You Should Know About This Iconic Address In The OS

You've probably been to Gansett more than a few times already this summer, but what about...35 Ocean Road?

Also known as The Towers.

In case you've always wondered about the iconic landmark structure, here are a few fun factoids to use as ice breakers at your next cocktail party (I'll be the one off to the side updating Insta Story and chatting with pretty much the same person the entire time.) or networking event (Yup, updating Insta Story and hanging with the same person for the win! Pretty sure I flunked networking year one of the blog, when I fumbled my elevator speech attempt in front of a room of 80 or so ppl, but whatevs.).

1. Here come the brides: Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are all abuzz about it! Yeah, in case you haven't planned a ceremony or reception, or been a guest of in the last few years, you should know that they've gone and transformed it into a very much in demand wedding venue. The event photos people have uploaded to Instagram are stunning; search #thetowersri on Instagram to get a glimpse.

2. And we gripe about out of state plates now: The Towers has had a few other incarnations prior to this of course, most notably as a key part of what was a top resort called the Narragansett Pier Casino back in the 1890's, aka, the Gilded Age (or as I like to call it, the Roaring 90's). The days when all the big, fancy peeps - as in, socialities, their spouses, their offspring, and probably some of their staff - decamped from places like New York to spend weeks, if not the entire season, on the water in Narragansett.

A devastating fire in 1900 destroyed most of the resort, except The Towers and its granite walls. That fire is numero uno on a laundry list of catastrophes The Towers has weathered btw.

3. Attn food lovers: Ok, this is a biggie. I mean, I don't recall ever hearing this before, but whilst doing some online research about 35 Ocean Rd, I came across something on Wikipedia about how "Clams Casino" (the dish) originated at the old Narragansett Pier Casino (which included The Towers) and was named as such for said Casino (or resort...The word casino had absolutely nothing to do with gambling back in the day.).

I say start telling your friends & fam about this next time you're out for dinner; it's not as though you're saying your uncle was the man who created The Cobb Salad or something, right? (Remember the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode I co-opted that scenario from? The show's coming back to HBO soon. Cannot wait.)

4. Take the tour: See the interior of The Towers for yourself this summer. It's open to the public on Tuesday mornings thru the end of August. A friend was there for it a few wks ago (It's technically free, but donations are welcome.) and spent practically the entire day before reading up on the history. (Maybe they should hire her to be a guide? Just throwing it out there. She filled me in on a lot, including that people were only permitted on the actual beach for limited time in the am during those resort hey days.) Anyway, I hear it's a wonderful opportunity to see what's now the ballroom space as well as experience the views from the top deck.