2 Fun-Tastic Things You Must Do This Summer In The OS

Our old friend Maddie is back today, blogging about 2 affordable + amazing ways to enjoy this season in Rhode Island. 

If you haven't heard by now, summer is my favorite time of year. I am a self proclaimed Sun Worshiper, and never take for granted the limited amount of hot summer days we get in New England.

I am currently transitioning career paths, and have found myself with some well deserved time off - and it just so happens to be the peak of the summer!

While it is nice to have some free time on my hands, I'm a person who thrives on busy (and giving myself daily and weekly goals, tasks, and responsibilities) - Here are a few things I am "working" on right now! 😉

This is the summer of, what I am calling, "Beach Tour 2017!" My goal is to visit as many different Rhode Island beaches as possible. Did you know this little state of ours is home to over 100 private and public beaches? Admittedly, in the past, I spent almost all of my beach time at Bonnet Shores, so this year, I am laying my beach blanket on different sand. So far, I have visited 2 beaches on Block Island (an absolute RI summer must!), 4 on the main land, and have a few more on my list for the end of this week!

I've also started a garden. This is my first season as gardener, and I am overwhelmed by how much I've learned in just a few short months. The sense of pride and responsibility that comes with growing plants, flowers, and food is something I never fully appreciated until I started doing it!

After becoming a member of the Southside Community Land Trustand just two months of nurturing care, my garden is really coming together. I have holy basil growing faster than I can keep up with, sunflowers nearing 3 feet tall, strawberry bushes flowering, gorgeous hibiscus flowers, and delicious green beans that were harvested just in time for last night's dinner!  My friends at Ocean State Organics have also been by my side through it all - from their seed share program that got me started through their guidance on the cultivation process.

▪️ Btw, for anyone wanting to start a garden right now, it's NOT too late - as long as you're on board with a Fall harvest. Click here for more details about which veggies to plant this time of year in New England and more.

Before we know it, fall will return, so don't take the summer sun for granted: Get out and have some fun!