The Comfy Cute Clothes You're Probably Missing Out On This Summer

In my previous life, it was all heels (Pointy toes = longer legs), matchy match-y suits (More Emily Gilmore than Lorelai regrettably.), and pantyhose. These days, my new gig has a decidedly more cas dress code, which means I'm forever on the lookout for comfy cute tops, dresses, and the like. Sure it sounds easy, but IRL, not really. 

Enter our friends at Fat Face UK in Garden City, Cranston, who invited us (Lest I forget the lovely and immensely talented photog Stacey Doyle who snapped all the photos you see here and more.), about a week ago, for a shopping day. If you're not familiar with this store, it all started in the French Alps, back in the late 80's, with two guys, selling tees and sweatshirts by night to afford their then ski-all-day in the Alps (Things just got wayyy more chic, right?) lifestyle. And for the record, the name Fat Face was inspired by one of the mountains there (called La Face! Me likeeee). Eventually, the brand transitioned to include women's and kid's, and after quietly becoming one the the top retailers for leisure wear across the pond, opened their first US store in 2016. 

Flash forward to right this minute, for some straight talk courtesy of someone with almost 20+ years of retail and power shopping experience (Hey, that's me!), about exactly why you should give Fat Face a look. For starters, whilst browsing these days, I find there is a def lack  of clothing made from natural fibers. Like cotton, a crucial fabric for summer, as well as for anyone with sensitive skin. (I, for one, breakout in hives after even brushing past the wrong fabric. #yikes) Happy to say that we discovered so much made with cotton and linen during our shopping excursion. Of course, the next step to cheer about is that every single piece of clothing is in fact wash and air dry. Sooo major, b/c you should never have to dry clean your Spring/Summer daytime stuff. 

Next on the sartorial agenda? Dresses. Everyone raves about theirs. And I'm here to tell you we found so many in flatering shapes (Hello, A-Line! It works like magic for those of us who are smaller on top and curvier on the bottom. ) and lengths (My micro mini days are in the rear view mirror a few thousand miles back at this point, k?) that we got why people gush, and also had trouble deciding which ones we wanted to take home* at the end. I can't think of a better prob to have. How bout you?

Special Offer for PattyJ Readers

Something special from Fat Face UK in Garden City when you mention and this blog post? But of course. Drop the blog's name and receive $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. You'll also get one of their "Cranston" canvas totes, which makes a fantabulous beach, book, or lunch bag. 

*Many thanks to our besties at Fat Face for their hospitality and letting us take home a few of our very favorite items too. Hooray for #Collabs !!!!