The One Thing Everyone's Doing In RI This Summer & Why You Should Too

'Tis the season for...Rooftop bars! Fairly certain you're already aware of the Rooftop at the Providence G, in Downtown PVD, which I'm a definitely a fan of. The only issue I have (#secretsrevealed) is that a handful of ppl I used to work with in my pre-blogger life at ____________ retailer/department store hang out there on the reg and I just can't. What better reason then to get outta town and motor over to Newport (There are several great ones there! Including at the Vanderbilt and the Viking.) or Gansett (The Break has an amazing deck and top floor bar for drinkies and small plates too. )?

So, last night we had laughs, a few glasses of Tito's and lemonade, and took a few hundred Snapchats and Insta Stories. We also put together a cheat sheet with all the reasons why you need to take yourself or a date to a rooftop bar in RI to celebrate the tail end of summer:

  1. The Views At Sunset. Yup. People always seem to single out millennials for being on their phones non-stop and taking too many pics, but guess what? Last night, everyone, regardless of their age, was on their phones taking pics of the sky at sunset from the rooftop where we were.
  2. Get The Burger* And The Beer. It's one of the best times of year to be in Rhode Island, so, for Pete's sake, go ahead, indulge, and enjoy. YO frigging LO. (*Most places have veggie options if you're eating a plant based diet.)
  3. Live Music. It just makes everything better. So, have that 2nd glass of Pinot and sing along to "Sweet Caroline", maybe a little too loudly, making a complete fool out of yourself. So good, so good, SO GOOD!!! 
  4. Because Romance Matters. Surprise your new sweetie - or existing one - by taking them for a date night. You'll earn tons of bonus points and it's way MORE fun than having to sit thru another round of The Notebook and/or Dear John. (Channing Tatum is still hawt tho.)
  5. The Celebrity Factor. Never know who you'll run into in Rhode Island during the summer, if you get my drift. Can't name names, but there's a long list of famous actors, musicians (We met Don Felder, one of the original members of The Eagles, last night!), and dignitaries who love it here this time of year.

What To Wear: Navy (Consider it your summer black!), Jack Rogers (a Jackie O. favorite that never goes out of style), off the shoulder (It'll be the last hurrah for this summer's big bare shoulder trend.), or your cutest sundress (It can be vintage. Or not. Your call.).

Team Patty J