The Time We Went To A Party With Kendall Jenner

Ralph. Tory. Iman. Kendall. The guest list was epic (That word gets over-used these days, but it's so appropriate here.), with VIP's from the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entertainment, many who need only to be referred to by their first name. (Is THAT the true test of fame?) They were at the Rainbow Room in NYC to celebrate a major milestone - the 150th Anniversary of Harper's Bazaar, America's very first fashion mag (You have seen Audrey and Fred in Funny Face? That movie was an homage to Harper's during the Diana Vreeland years. If you haven't watched it at least a half dozen times, find it on Netflix or On Demand as soon as poss.). Still shook over having been in attendence at all actually, but we did notice these 5 things you might get a kick out of, and find useful if and when you score your own dream invite to a similarly spectacular soiree. So, here goes:

  1. Terry Richardson, ultra controversial fashion photog about town, can wear whatever the f he wants. (Photo above.) His partner - and the mom of his twin babies - is also an Ocean State native btw.
  2. Most A Listers do NOT wear black to these events. In fact, you could spot so many of the VIP's that night because they wear wearing vibrant colors (Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia for one), prints (Tory Burch) or even a green puffer vest and sneakers (See #1 above - Terry again.). **Except for Kris Jenner...She wore head to toe black and looked lovely. Of course, she was there to support daughter Kendall's appearance in conjunction with her May 2017 Harper's cover.**
  3. Timing really is everything! We may not have gotten to take a selfie with Kendall (Fact: Absolutely everyone wanted a photo of, or with, her.), but we did get some incredible shots of the Harper's Bazaar images being projected onto (the north side of) the Empire State Building, directly across from our primo window spot
  4. A-Listers do not stay past 9 or 9:30pm. Hated to break it to the crowd that had gathered down on the sidewalk in front of the entrance at around 10pm, but Kendall and Ralph and Demi (Moore, not Lovato) were long gone. 
  5. 6' tall (late teen?) models are the only ones who can carry off retro-inspired shiny silk/satin gowns. We rode down in the elevator with a few of these practically perfect creatures. (Only slightly jelly.

Team Patty J


*Revised and updated from Spring 2017*

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