The Secluded Villas To Take Your Next Staycation From Basic To Best Yet

Waking up in the Martha's Vineyard Villa at The Chanler in Newport last week will definitely be a key part of my personal highlight reel from not only Summer 2017, but also this entire year. You might already be familiar with The Chanler by way of their being voted Most Romantic Hotel in America by readers of Conde Nast Traveler. (I know I was! Full disclosure: I stalk CNTraveler online on the reg.) But real time there as an actual guest/key holder to one of their villas? Cue the celebratory montage of skyrockets, clinking champagne glasses, dancers twirling, and confetti & noise makers. 

An invitation to an *epic* summer party nearby was, as it turned out, also an outstanding opportunity to (finally) scope out The Chanler for ourselves. The verdict? Total and utter staycation elation, from point A (aka, arrival) to checkout time (Goodbye...for now.). Now, over the last few year, I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of amazing hotels and resorts (including overseas) and I'm super excited to tell you that The Chanler combines the best of all my travel memories into one seamless, luxurious experience. For starters, early morning views of the beach, from our deck, reminded me sooo much of Amalfi Coast vistas from our Italy excursion last Fall. 

A few more standouts from our staycation include:

  • Our bathroom, more specifically, the gorgeous bathtub with those handpainted tiles! (Photo above.) As I'm blogging this, there's an item trending on Facebook about how Oprah's most prized indulgence is a fancy soaking tub. Need I say more? Ok, I will...the floors in the shower, and around said tub, are heated. **Swoon**
  • Private courtyard you say? Yea, our suite had a secluded garden with a fountain (Photo above.) as well as a dry sauna and a hot tub. To. Die. For.
  • Breakfast on the patio at the Spiced Pear...Any meal really. The views of the ocean (as well as the landscape) and the vibe are enough to make you completely forget your troubles and get HAPPY. Afterwards, stroll the Cliff Walk, and take a selfie or three for Insta Stories.
  • Speaking of old Hollywood (Note Judy Garland ref above.), with their secluded entrances (You sidestep the main lobby.) and posh, elegant interiors, the Villas at The Chanler made me think back to the Bungalows at the BH Hotel (aka, the Pink Palace) in LA and my vacay there. 

Ps - Every villa at The Chanler has a different theme in terms of the decor, details. Another terrif reason to book a return stay. (No need to twist my arm.)

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