The Time We Went To New York Fashion Week

Last September was all about golden tickets. Not so much the Amtrak or Metro North ones. More the ones for a few Spring 2017 shows at New York Fashion Week that we happened to get our hands on.

Whether you grew up watching Style with Elsa Klench on Saturday mornings on CNN, MTV's House Of Style when Cindy C was at the helm (Her recent high end-ish collab with Levi's is already generating wait lists.) or you're currently stalking Instagram because it's your fashion bible, Fashion Week tix* have probably been on your wish list at some point. With that in mind, here are a few behind the scenes secrets and essential tips we picked up that you should def know before you go.

  1. Why Uber Pool (ride share with a bunch of strangers) when you can summon an Uber Black (Zoom around The Big App in a glossy black town car, suv or Cadillac sedan? Of course!)? Also a great way to use those AMEX points that you never seem to have enough of to redeem for anything remotely fab. (Umm, no joke, you need "like" a half million to get an airline ticket.)
  2. You can go to the cutest blowout bar in Manhattan to get your hair did for show number 1, but if they don't seal the deal with a flat iron, your hair won't stay in and will look crummy for show number 2 on day 2. (Hair matters. Big time.)
  3. Be sure to bring along one of those tiny, portable batteries (Everyone, especially those under the age of 40, is either in a scrolling trance, glancing up clandestinely to see if you are "somebody" or snapping mad phone pics.) and a pair of flats or sneakers for walking around (For the record, the Eva Chen wore sneakers and mom jeans to Tom Ford's show yesterday at NYFW.). The only ppl wearing sky high heels have door-to-door car service and an assistant or glam squad in tow.
  4. The crowds waiting to get into the shows couldn't care less about you. Unless you're a Kardashian/Jenner, Anna or Grace (Wintour or Coddington) or Gigi (Hadid). Acknowledge this, deal, and move on. Then and only then will you be able to truly appreciate and enjoy the experience.
  5. You can pick out the old school fashion editors and big shots in the audience because they are the ones looking tres annoyed by all the other people scrolling or snapping phone photos non-stop. On the one hand, I get where they're coming from, but honestly, never has 'Pics Or It Didn't Happen' been more applicable. I mean, it's freaking Fashion Week and we need some proof that we were there. So, Team Phones Up it is !!!


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