Snapped A Selfie For That Arts & Culture App? Go Next Level With A Visit Here

In case you've been slacking on your social (media) this month, I have news. The latest thing that almost everyone seems to be posting about all of a sudden comes courtesy of none other than the Google Arts & Culture app. Specifically, a feature that gives you the option of matching up your selfie with the old time-y museum portrait that best resembles it - "Find yourself in art!" "Find your art doppelganger!" The actual results run the gamut from spot-on-ish to gotta-be-a-glitch-in-the-system (aka, what the efff).

If this trend has you wanting a real life dose of art and culture, why not start with the RISD Museum? After all, this week is their Third Thursday event, with later hours, extra special events, and free admission. Or maybe you'll motor over this weekend for some exploring. Either way, here's a quick look at a few key things to check off your list while there.

1. Yup, there's Fornasetti wallpaper, among the most iconic wall coverings in the world, in the bathroom. Would you expect anything less? 

2. Get into the Valentine's spirit a little early with the Heart Cone Chair by master of 60's Pop Design, Verner Panton. (Btw - It's always been my experience that anyone who says they don't believe in Feb 14th is suspect.) 

3. Now And Zen: The Buddha Mahavairocana (also, Dainichi Nyorai or "Great Sun"), in the Asian Gallery, is the largest wooden Japanese sculpture in the entire USA. It's a def must see and IG! (this photo by Stacey Doyle)

4. A friend and I were *literally* just comparing notes on how much we adore the Donghia Costume & Textiles Ctr. There's so much gorgeous stuff tucked away in the drawers, like the Haitian tapestries in the photo above. (pic courtesy of the RISD Museum IG

5. This staircase is legit Insta Famous. Search risdmuseum on IG. (Seriously.) Snap a photo here if you can, fingers crossed it's the right time of day and you get good lighting. (photo courtesy of RISD IG)

6. Finally, kick back at Cafe Pearl with a coffee or tea and something to nosh on. Everything about this place (decor, lighting, artfully prepared snacks) lends itself to a practically perfect foodstagram. (photo courtesy of Bolt Coffee IG)


Photo Credits: Uncredited pics above courtesy of