Some Of The Best Local Spots For Hot Chocolate & Wintertime Photo Ops


Temps are heating up a bit, but if we're being really being honest with ourselves here, think you'll agree that it's still cold af outside in the OS and surrounding areas. Perfect time then to throw another sweater on under your coat, along with a chunky knit hat or scarf (From interior chic throws and pillows to all those exterior ootd photos making the rounds, chunky knits are everything right now!), and motor over to one of these terrif places for hot chocolate and a few flat lay fotos too. 

  1. Sweet Indulgence (Cranston) - A key destination for fans of sweet treats (cupcakes, custom birthday cakes, etc.) and foodstagrams, SI is the closest thing we have to NYC's iconic Serendipity. The hot chocolate's not frozen, but who cares? Because everything else, especially the whimsical pink'ed out decor and decadent hot choc, is fab.
  2. Benefit Juice Bar & Cafe (PVD) - A cute, quirky little cafe on Benefit that doesn't take itself too seriously. We were there the other day for some jazz music (courtesy of their turntable...that curiously is turned sideways) and their signature Chocoholics Hot Choc. They're ramping up their game this year too with other options including Belgian Dark, Mexican Spiced, and White Chocolate. Insta Story from your table (The lighting's def not harsh, always a plus for any phone photo or video taking.) or outside in front of one of the many historical houses and facades in the vicinity.
  3. Wildflour Cafe & Bakery (Pawtucket) - Yes, it's vegan, but you won't miss the moo juice. Grab an almond or hemp milk hc and a pastry. I've fooled many a dedicated dairy and egg lover with their snacks, scones, cookies, and more btw. (Before trying this at home, however, make sure no one has a nut allergy, as I'm pretty sure absolutely everything is made with some form of nuts.)
  4. The Shop at Foxpoint (PVD) - We've chatted about them before - Deliciousness meets top shelf Rhody rustic aesthetic. Dare you to take a bad photo here. (You can't.) They've also recently kicked off their buzzworthy wintertime Cocoa Fest 2018. Be on the lookout for a new flavor every week! It runs thru the end of February, so add it to your must do list now or risk missing out. (FOMO still so real!)