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Running To Copenhagen


Running from problems is a temporary fix, but it’s where I am my fastest. If avoidance was a resume builder, I would be able to put it in big bold letters; the thought of confrontation alone brings premature tears to my eyes. Finding myself stagnating in a career only a few months in, homesickness mounting, and general winter antsiness setting in, there were a lot of arenas of life I needed to confront head on. Instead, I went to Copenhagen. Here is what I was reminded:

  • Have Dreams: My maternal great grandma Helga once walked Copenhagen’s streets, making it a dream of mine to see the places she had once seen. Defining your dreams and goals, and remembering them often, will help propel you through your day to day and into accomplishing these things. We are often convinced that much of life is out of our reach, but you can truly accomplish the things you dream of.

  • Plan Ahead: It’s easy to plan your life and interests around others, which I am guilty of. Just as if you were on a trip somewhere new, find what interests you and seek it out. Planning days to include new activities and adventures can open you to self-discovery and new found confidence!

  • Power Through: Big plans or ideas can be paralyzing - it is often easier to do nothing at all. Don’t put pressure on yourself to accomplish everything in one day. Similar to jet lag on a trip, powering through the tough first days can be draining but the rest will be unbelievably rewarding.

Photo Diary 

Playing tourist: Copenhagen has been named one of the happiest, healthiest (most liveable!) cities in the world again and again. It's also a cyclist's dream destination (On any give day, there are more bikes than cars.), and it's also the birthplace of the now trending Danish concept of hygge. Check out Grace's snaps from her trip to this Scandi(navian) cool spot below.

About Grace


Grace is a Rhody native, living in NYC. She loves to do yoga, read, spend time with family & friends, and travel.