Some Of The Best Local Spots For Ice Cream & Springtime Photo Ops

So, tomorrow (Tues, April 10th) just so happens to be Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, aka, the unofficial kickoff of peak ice cream eating season in NE and on the whole darn East Coast for that matter. And I'm certainly not going to be the one to begrudge anyone a FREE dessert. Or treat day. Once you've crossed that whole experience off this year's foodie/food porn to-do list though, I highly recommend scoping (or should I say scooping?) out these three places for some of the best locally made ice cream in the OS and vicinity.

1. Fotos On The Farm: Funny part about The Ice Cream Barn is that up until 2-3 yrs ago, it was squarely in the hidden gem category, somewhere ppl would rather not tell their friends about for fear of it becoming overrun. Yes, it's fashioned to look like a barn, and it sits on an actual dairy farm in Swansea. And their ice cream...the coffee is a true classic made with real coffee and local milk. They also offer special limited run flavors, frozen yogurt, sundaes, and much more. So many choices. Rather than ramble on about menus, allow me to highly encourage you to grab some cash (Last I checked, they weren't taking plastic.) and take a mini-road trip over this season. Extra points if you can get a snap of yourself out front - the most photogenic spot overall - with your ice cream of choice.

2. Picture This: All the cool kids were checking in from Clementine's Homemade Ice Cream on Main Street in EG last Summer! It's a completely adorable storefront on one of my fav routes in RI, and the ice cream is outstanding too. (Don't know about you, but I'm a fool for handmade, small batch ice cream.) Another plus? Their dog friendly frozen treats that you'll want pick up for the top dog or dogs in your life. (I mean pretty much everyone has at least one dog these days, right?) Extra points for snapping the perfect ice cream selfie of your order and uploading it to FB or IG.

3. Bookmark This One For May: Yet another reason to motor over to WH! My fam and I have been enjoying St Clair's handmade-on-the-premises (by the same family since the late 1880's!), incredibly fresh ice cream for the last 25 to 30 years or more, so I'm definitely biased. Hands down, our favorite flavor as a group is the peach, with bits of real peach, but there are literally dozens of others to choose from and hey, they are all scrumptious. Sometimes, they add in special, limited edition flavors too. Extra points for getting your bestie or SO (significant other) to capture a fandid (fake candid) of you strolling thru town with your cone or cup in hand. 

*St Clair Annex opens limited hours starting in May, before launching into their regular schedule come June.