Yes, This Restaurant Is Opening In The OS, So Make A Pizza Date With Your BFF's

preview night at the pizza place everyone's buzzing about 

preview night at the pizza place everyone's buzzing about 

All of your pizza dreams are coming true ~ it's no longer necessary to drive all the way to New Haven to get your hands on Pepe's pizza! Whether you fold your slices or not (full disclosure, at one point last night, don't hate but I did reach for a fork and knife to finish off the remainder of a slice), and as you may have already heard (it's one of those things that absolutely everyone in the OS seems to be talking about because well...their pizza is legendary), Frank Pepe's is opening in Warwick.

Last night, during a special preview, we had a chance to dig into their famous White Clam Pizza (which first appeared on the New Haven menu in the 1960's) as well as a classic tomato and cheese. And I'm here to tell you yes to the nth degree, the hype, everything you've heard is  for REALZ: We're talking phenomenal pizza pies here ppl! 

A few deets. The pizza are baked in these coal fired brick ovens. And they are placed inside using Pepe's signature 14' long pizza pearls, resulting in a thin, crispy pie (maybe you've heard of Frank Pepe's famed crunch, chew, and char? dating back to something like  1925. that's what I'm talking about...) that I'm not the least bit afraid to say will have you in Napoletana nirvana.

Another thing I'd be remiss for not mentioning is the salad factor. What I mean is have you ever been out for pizza, ordered some kind of salad as well and been completely underwhelmed by what you ended up with? Same! So not the case at Franke Pepe's though. We were pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous (photogenic salad pic above, and all fotos here, by Stacey Doyle) and truly tasty ours was. 

The really great news is that Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana opens officially this Monday, May 14th on Universal Blvd in Warwick, and you're going to want to cancel all your other plans and get there. Bring your appetite, your I-Phone (those foody fotos!), and the kiddos for the ultimate pizza pie experience in the OS this Spring.