Watching The Royal Wedding From The OS - Because You Know Someone Living For Meghan & Harry

Told myself I couldn't care less about the upcoming nuptials that have reformed party boy Prince Harry tying the knot with American actress (also divorcee and ex lifestyle blogger) Meghan Markle.

Next thing I'm devouring episodes of In The Limelight, Vanity Fair's podcast that's supposed to cover pop culture but might as well be renamed Living For All Things Meghan, Daily Mail updates on Twitter, and that wickedly funny Gary Janetti IG that has him hilariously positioning young Prince George (William and Kate's kid) as MM's worst critic. Then there's the official Kensington Royal Insta (photos below).

Now, more than one person in my Facebook News Feed was po'ed when Ms. Markle showed up at the Invictus Games wearing an outfit that consisted of sunnies, a white blouse, and (gasp!) ripped jeans. That was far from the end of any drama however. Fast forward past the tell all book her half sister may or may not be penning and the letter her half brother recently wrote Harry asking him to cancel the wedding (WHAT?!?!), and we have this week's scandal that saw accusations about her dad having planned photo ops with a British tab and getting paid. Of course there's the cheesy Lifetime movie 'Harry & Meghan' that premiered the other night. Who knows what else will come to light before this Saturday the 19th?


If you're living for The Wedding but your invite is mia (or you're sidelined with an expired passport), no need to dispair because there's always the local Viewing Party option. Either throw your own: Sport a messy bun - one of Ms Markle's signatures pre-engagement - because after all, the wedding will be broadcast here at around 7am. And have something lemon elderflower flavor on hand with your tea if possible because that's the flavor Meg's picked for the wedding cake. (WFM does make an organic Lemon Elderflower Italian soda btw. Also, gotta wonder what The Royals think about that cake because it seems so much more LA than UK!) Or if by chance you happen to be a morning person, and you have a serious case of Royal Wedding Fever, there's also a catered viewing party in Newport, kicking off at 6am sharp (pajamas + fascinators?) that morning. Click here for more deets and ticket info.