2 Rhody Organizations You'll Want To Follow On IG - Because You're Already Tired AF Of Bikini Selfies

I've gone down that road, and I've also stumbled upon accounts and people doing some pretty altruistic, life enriching stuff too, touching on a few local, Rhody-based ones here.

There was a short video on repeat in my Facebook New Feed earlier this year, and maybe you saw it too? It was about a man who had lived almost his entire childhood in the foster care system. His memories were far from happy. After growing up and creating a better life for himself, he decided he had to do something to help the children coming up thru that system today. One sad detail that had always stuck with him was moving house to house and having to pack up his belongings in an ugly plastic trash bag. So, with that in mind, he set out to make cheery travel bags for as many kids as possible, hopefully sending the message that someone knew what they were going thru (someone who had been thru it themselves), and that someone cared. @HopefullRI2013 on IG reminded me so much of that man's mission. They make bags and fleece blankets for the foster children of Adoption RI. A small yet impactful gesture of kindness and caring for too many kids for whom being uprooted is a fact of life. For more photos and behind the scenes, check out hopefullri.org.

If you're anything like me, in your travels you've happened upon a mural or some other publicly displayed art in the OS and wanted to know more. As is, who the artist behind it is and what it's meant to symbolize. I have. Many times. Then I found @avenuepvd on IG, also known as The Avenue Concept, billed as the capital city's first public art program. Get all the deets about current and future public art projects. For those of us who once coveted the signature black snap front cardis from Agnes B (I had the Esprit knockoff.) and own multiple copies of The Andy Warhol Diaries (and know that's one of the things that inspired Andy Cohen to move to NYC), but live in the burbs now and get happy about canceled plans, here's the way to sorta stay in the loop. 

Happy Scrolling!





It's easy as pie to wander over into the Instagram explore tab and end up falling down a rabbit hole of 21" in waist waifs (that you've never heard of prior to) on exotic beaches or (better yet) yachts, wearing golden glows and Gucci pool slides whilst sipping some $400 a bottle Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. Next thing you know, you've wasted a few hours. Either that or get caught up (via a Twitter link) reading about Something Navy's am routine and the choc chip pancake recipe she alleges to mix up with her kids, but you suspect it's more likely she has a housekeeper or personal chef (or both) getting their hands dirty in the kitchen