The Seaside Town This Rhody Native Visited In Spain Will Have You Wanting To Vacay, So Start Checking Flights


If you find yourself vacationing in Barcelona and want to take a break from the city, head over to the costal beach community Sitges. It's a 40 min train ride southwest of the city and pretty easy to navigate. It’s a melting pot of people - families, young and old, gay and straight, all looking to relax, eat, drink and shop. Think Provincetown MA but on steroids. The narrow and winding streets are full of outside cafes and storefronts and the nights become a festive club and bar scene. 

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and rent a chair and umbrella on the beach (13 euros) to soak up the Mediterranean sun. Also offered for 25 euros is a massage right on the beach, nothing more relaxing than that...well, except a glass of Sangria.

Mid afternoon we decided to go back to our hotel, soak in the pool, and get ready for diner and some shopping. There are so many alleyways full of galleries, clothing, and local fair. One particular store got my interest, ArtAmore, a mix of local artisan jewelry and accessories. I found an amazing bracelet there from a local goldsmith who melts old silverware, giving it new life as jewelry. (photo below)

Dinner was next and not as easy to choose as the bracelet. The streets are lined with every type of cuisine from tapas to sushi to Italian to a good old burger and beer. 

We noticed in one of the hidden alleys a café named Num3ric. We chose a table overlooking the trees lining the street, and enjoyed the view of people walking the city. The meal of salmon skewers marinated in soy and ginger and confit codfish served with potatoes was amazing. For dessert, we shared a caramelized Nutella and caramel crepe, the perfect ending to an enjoyable meal.

Finally, you must indulge with a nightcap and visit one of the many nightclubs or bars that Sitges has to offer.  We went to The Gin Tub, an underground speakeasy bar specializing in house made Gins and signature cocktails. With its large staircase that leads downstairs to a hidden bar decorated with vintage medical jars and cool utensils for making drinks, it feels like it might have been there since prohibition time.

I went with the Aperol Spritz with bitters, served with their own dehydrated orange twist. The space itself was full without feeling overcrowded, a mix of tourists and locals. A lot like the community, it’s a wonderful medley of cultures and people enjoying life. A fun way to end a great day in Sitges!

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Photo Credits: Thumbnail photo of beach at Sitges, Spain by G.M. Kowalewska; additional interior photos courtesy of Lori Gizz