Stevie Nicks & Me: The Untold True Story

From the looks of my FB News Feed last night, it sure seems as though practically everyone (over age 40) was in Boston to see Fleetwood Mac, featuring of course, singer, songwriter and style icon herself Stevie Nicks. (Was almost going to add "in concert" at the end of that sentence until I realized it would make me sound old.)

I didn't go, but now feel like maybe I should have.

Ever see something online and it makes you both second guess yourself and jealous all at the same time? Nope. Me neither.

Anyway, here's the back story:

When I was around 8, 9 and 10 years old, Stevie Nicks was it for me. (She was the Beyonce of my day. Or, no, I think Diana Ross may actually have been the Beyonce, but you get the idea, right?) I wasn't blonde, I couldn't sing (an understatement) and I didn't have a wardrobe of flowy, ethereal boho chic clothing, but none of that stopped me.

It started with a copy of Rumours, the monster hit album by Fleetwood Mac. I played it as much as I could get away with. Some might say ad nauseam. (Much later I realized that that album been given to me by default. Apparently, brother #4 had bought it for a girl who was no longer in the picture and he'd decided at the last minute to give it to me instead of trashing it.)

Also, Christmas that same year, brothers #1, 2, 3 and 4 all pitched in and bought me a Jessica McClintock dress (a line advertised in Seventeen Magazine, which, back then, was the Teen Vogue of it's day) from Filene's (Google it!) that brother #3 said looked just like something Stevie would wear. It was a lace and floral print number - The fabrics were very Stevie, but the style of the dress was definitely Victorian and in reality, not something she would've ever worn. Btw, my brothers were able to get several nice presents for me from the Girls Dept. at Filene's that year, including a grey wool blazer with gold buttons, because brother #3's then gf worked there and got the employee discount. (That was the one and only time in my life I have applauded discount fraud. #Wink)

While I did end up ditching Stevie during the 1980's for Rick Springfield and daytime soaps, last night, for a second or two, I wished I'd gone to TD Garden.

Things I Did Last Night Instead Of Seeing Stevie Nicks And Fleetwood Mac In Boston:

took a Pure Barre class, went to Whole Foods, ate a Kind Bar, read a newspaper, watched Kendra On Top on WE TV with my sister and my niece, ate cold pizza, and finally, did laundry.

Photo Credits: All photos of Stevie and the Rumours album cover courtesy of Pinterest