She Didn't Make A Sex Tape

Nicky Hilton, sister of Paris (of sex tape and The Simple Life fame), recently published a style guide. 

It's called 365 Style.


Don't judge me, but I ran right out and bought it the week it was in stores because whenever a new style guide comes out, I feel obligated. I mean, what if I'm missing out on some new info, tip or trick by NOT buying?


One of the most important things I learned after leafing thru 365? 

Nicky from her style guide

Nicky from her style guide

It's perfectly OK to shop for clothes and maybe even shoes at Target (as you can see from the picture above).

While I appreciate the thumbs up from Nicky, gotta say I've been shopping for cheap chic stuff at Target for ages. 

Take my black faux suede boots in the picture above, the ones from Target.

I actually bought them the same day I picked up my copy of 365 Style and boy was I surprised to see that they looked strikingly similar to a high heeled bootie in the book. Only mine were 'like' $29.99. So if I spill something on them or get caught in an unexpected rain or snow storm and ruin them, I won't be completely devastated. True Story: I once destroyed a brand new Foley & Corinna Mid City Tote by wearing it to NYC for a meeting and then, getting caught in a downpour outside Penn Station. **Sigh**


That being said, here's my guide to shopping successfully and looking stylish on a B word (BUDGET) right now:

Target: Best for statement necklaces or rings, shoes and boots (I wore my $29.99 boots yesterday and everyone thought they were by a fancy designer. Isn't that the best feeling?)

Forever 21: Best for jeans, jeggings, blazers and sweaters (A friend of mine has a knack for picking out the nicest looking knits @ Forever. You may need to go up a size or 2 though because their stuff runs can run tiny.)

H&M: Best for costume jewelry like bangles, trendy looking bags (I bought an animal print straw clutch a few years ago that I still wear.) that you wouldn't want too invest too much $$$ on and basics like light weight turtlenecks to layer under a blazer or coat (I've spent $150 on t-necks from Vince that suddenly develop holes, meanwhile my cheapies from H&M or Zara are still going strong.)

Thrift, Consignment, Savers, Etc: Yes, you can. Back when I was in high school and college, I bought a ton of stuff at thrift stores, from vintage Levi's to suede and leather coats from Europe (I still have 1 or 2 in a closet somewhere.) Before you turn your nose up, just know that the CEO of Nasty Girl - only one of the hottest online retailers out there - got her start by rummaging thru 2nd hand clothes and reselling the gems - like Chanel jackets - she found. Cool.

I was thrifting before it was a verb...Just sayin.

I was thrifting before it was a verb...Just sayin.

Wait, there's more!

There will be lots of markdowns and sales, starting the week before Christmas...A perfect time to pick up anything else you (or anyone on your Christmas list) might need for winter. At a deep discount. And don't forget, after the holidays, stores segway right into resort and cruise, so don't be one of those poor souls who wander into a store after a snowstorm in February looking for a coat or a warm sweater. All you'll find are t-shirts and bathing suits.