Cheaters, Mistakes, And Makeup

So I went to lunch at CAV today. It was fabulous and actually the first time I've been back in about 20 years. Funny, last time I was there was with my wannabe rockstar ex-boyfriend, who may I add was a total tool. (Everyone makes mistakes ya know.)

I will now refer to him as cheater.

Cheater basically dragged me to every open mic night in Providence back in the early 90's. (I swear CAV used to host one!) He thought he was a singer, but what he really excelled at was philandering with half the women who frequented 80's, 90's dive bars in Providence like the One Up at the foot of College Hill, Club Babyhead on Richmond St (which last I heard is now The PVD Social Club), and The Church House Inn in the heart of downtown (now the much bragged about boutique hotel The Dean). 

Looking back, not sure why I (or any other chick, including all those club rats and dive bar flies) was so into him... One thing I know for sure these days: He's definitely on every women's mistake list. No doubt. 

Too light foundation, too dark lipstick and bitch face, which I'm pretty sure had something to do with him being a chronic, habitual cheater.

Anyway, to my other point, my makeup mistakes during those years were just as cringeworthy as my love life: My foundation was way too light and my lipstick too dark. I think I may have been trying to channel Winona Ryder during her Winona and Johnny (Depp) forever days. It took me a little while (OK, close to a decade), but I finally figured out that only Winona circa 1992 could successfully pull off that look. That's when I finally traded in the chalky foundation and matte lipstick for lighter and prettier. Which brings me to today's purchases at Sephora, GC - That's Garden City, Cranston, RI.

I took the $20 Gift Card that "they" emailed me recently for being a VIB (Still po'ed I'm not a VIB Rouge, their top level for spend!) and raced over to buy a bunch of the new Perricone MD No Makeup products, including the No Mascara Mascara, No Lipstick Lipstick and No Foundation Foundation that I've been eyeing for the past few months. The old me would've hated all of it, but the new me LOVES it because it looks so natural, soft and pretty. No more white chalky face for me. And, for the record, the old me would have also run screaming from the subtle pinkish nude No Lipstick Lipstick, but the new me adores it and kept reapplying it all afternoon yesterday. 

Patty J Tip: As you get into your 30's, 40's, and beyond, the heavier the makeup, the greater the risk of looking like a bad drag queen. Take heed. My recommendation? Try this No Makeup line from Perricone MD and stay far far away from cheating wannabe rockstars.


Ciao for Now,



Photo Credits: Photos of CAV, Perricone MD makeup and Sephora GC all courtesy of Google Images. Thumbnail photo of me courtesy of M. Benedict Verley.