Denim Disasters: Everything You're Doing Wrong When You Try To Buy Jeans

Brooke back in Calvin Klein days

Brooke back in Calvin Klein days

Everything I know about jeans I learned the hard way.

It all started with what I like to call 'the great Brooke & Calvin Designer Denim Debacle' of the early 1980's. Back then, I was chasing every trend, from brightly colored vinyl rain jackets to baggy pants (or baggies as they were called...Yes, that was a look in those days.) to designer jeans. Cut me some slack - I was only 12 or 13 yrs old.

My first choice for a designer jean? Calvin Klein. Of course. 

It was the jean to wear in those days. There was, after all, the scandalous ad campaign with 80's teen supermodel Brooke Shields. Whether it was in print (Layouts that I now know were done by the iconic photographer Richard Avedon.) or on tv, you could not escape Brooke and her Calvin's.

They were everywhere and it all worked out famously well, especially for Calvin himself. Everyone wanted a pair of his jeans, myself included. 🙌🎯😍👖

When I got to the store, however, I realized there was no way I could ever wear Calvin's for the simple fact that I could not (no matter how hard I tugged and struggled) get them over my hips. Obviously, Calvin had designed his jeans not for the hip, but for the hip-less of the world. I was devastated and ultimately, had to settle for a pair of Jordache, another brand that had become a big player in the designer jean explosion of the early 80's. Needless to say, whoever the fit model was for Jordache, I was grateful she at least had hips. 

We definitely didn't talk about things like fit models or fit first back then, but believe me, stuff like that matters. Here's what you need to do next you go jean shopping:

1) Try everything on. You'd surprised at how many people don't (try on). Not every jean is for every body. Designers and brands use fit models (sometimes themselves!), so don't you dare hold the jeans up to yourself in that full length mirror and think that qualifies as a try-on.

2) The next time you find a pair of jeans that flatter your body, buy at least 2 of them, especially because you never know if they'll be discontinued when you go back for more. It's also a very real possibility that you could go back another time to buy that exact same style and size and it won't fit the same way. It's due mostly to how jeans are (mass) produced nowadays and it has happened to me more than once, most recently with the Matchstick style jean from J.Crew. (Thankfully, I took my own advice and have extra pairs I bought when the fit worked best for me.)

Happy Jean Shopping! 


Photo Courtesy: Calvin Klein Jeans photo