Blue Eye Shadow Scares Me: Mags, Makeup & Tavi

Tavi on the cover of NY Mag

Tavi on the cover of NY Mag

First and foremost, I may be one of the only RI’ers with a subscription to NY Magazine. I want desperately to love RI Monthly, but I still can't get over the fact that “they” included an article promoting Chatham, MA in their recent Best of RI issue. Huh?

Speaking of NY Mag, the Tavi (Gevinson) issue turned up in my snail mail today. Been seeing pix of Tavi in my FB News Feed all weekend, so not gonna lie – I was curious. Obviously, I’m way too old to be part of Tavi’s key demographic (which, if I had to guess, I’d say is made up of tweens and teens), so I was pretty surprised to see NY Mag refer to her as a fashion icon. #DidIMissSomething

In terms of the cover shot, let me say that the blue eye shadow looks amazing, but it scares me. Big time. My fear? This cover will inspire some sort of 2014 blue eye shadow resurgence. As a child of the 1970’s, I have plenty of bad associations with blue shadow. Also, and most important to keep in mind, makeup like this looks FAB in a photo (for a mag or Instagram), but rarely translates to real life.

A few questions for you to chew on:

1) Do you know who Tavi Gevinson is?

2) If yes, do you consider her a style icon?

3) Would you buy a mag simply because Tavi was on the cover?

And finally,

4) Would you ever wear blue shadow?